If the characteristics of the man who understands the female soul give confidence…


Almost every woman dreams of having a man in her life make her feel like a princess. Every woman wants to be pampered and to be with a man who understands the female spirit, but most women do not get this chance. It is among the issues that have been going on for centuries that women think that men cannot understand men and that men cannot be understood by women. Although exceptions do not break the rule, it would be misleading to put all men in this category, of course. Because there are some men who shouldn’t be judged. They not only love but also good for the souls of their spouses or lovers. So, what are the characteristics of men who understand the female soul? Here are the 7 most important features of a man who understands the female soul!

The most important feature is that it gives confidence.

One of the most important characteristics of men who understand the spirit of women is that they give confidence. It always makes the other person feel that they can trust him, does not cause unnecessary doubts and does not act suspiciously.

Never skips special days

Another feature of men who understand the spirit of women is that they do not skip special days. Special days are more meaningful for women than men. Wedding anniversaries or birthdays, which most men do not care about, are extremely important to women. As such, skipping these special days can cause problems in the relationship from time to time. It has been determined that the man who celebrates the day with little surprises these days is good for the female soul.

If his eye is not out

Perhaps the most important issue affecting the relationship is the fact that the man is constantly in search and that other women are attractive to him, which is one of the points that women complain about the most. If he makes you feel special in front of other women, and if you know that he will not see anyone but you, whether you are with him or not, that is, if he has given you this confidence, there is a man who understands the spirit of women. You better be careful not to lose it. But if he constantly enters for a comparison or starts to bother you with his outward looks, then you are experiencing the indications that the end of the relationship will ring. You better prepare yourself for this situation. It would be beneficial to stay away from these men, who are not a situation that any woman will accept and who make women feel humiliated.

He listens to you and tries to understand

This is perhaps the most important point in a relationship. One of the issues that women complain about is that their boyfriend or wife does not listen to her and does not show understanding. If your partner is someone who understands the female spirit, he will definitely listen to you, try to solve your problems like a friend and show closeness. If he understands that something is wrong with your pout and is trying to make up for it, you can be sure that your partner is someone who understands the feminine spirit. If he is being careless or making fun of your sadness or boredom, then you will need to reconsider the relationship.


Women have more aesthetic concerns than men. That’s why she wants to be complimented, praised and talked about for her beauty.

If he likes to spend time with you…

One of the most important problems experienced in a relationship is the problem of couples not spending time with each other. A man who understands the spirit of women spares time for the other person and stays away from sentences such as “There is a game in the evening, “Do we have to go”.

If receiving a gift

A man who understands the woman’s soul knows what gift he should receive, not just to receive a gift. He knows what his woman likes and what he likes and acts accordingly. He doesn’t make her feel bad by being sloppy.

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