If you are chasing love, the reasons for separation in relationships…

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There may be times when crises in relationships intensify and the relationship gets stuck. This is natural for everyone. However, if you are experiencing frequent breakups, it may be because of you. While it may not sound good, there are some reasons why some people break up frequently. Here are the reasons why some people experience frequent breakups!

They can’t control their selves

One of the most common mistakes made when falling in love is to keep the ego boundaries loose. Although sometimes losing means winning, the results of conflicts will always be shaped by your partner’s will. Do not lose your identity.

They try to fill their empty hearts

You must love yourself first, and then try to share the love. Empty hearts are longing and conditional, while full ones are unconditional and complete.

They ‘fall’ in love

Love is eternal; Getting hit is hormonal, it gives you a boost to get started. Most people fall in love and soon claim that it is slowly disappearing. Love is never erased, it is passion that loses its effect. Love takes effort, and your effort will pay off.

They confuse compassion with love.

Being emotional is a strength and a weakness at the same time. You tend to get upset if someone comes along and tells a sad story about themselves. You may like this person, but make sure you understand yourself correctly. Compassion and love are different emotions.

They see it as status.

Love is not a calculation to conceive all possible balancing factors and make decisions. It rejects the social order. All great love stories come with heavy challenges. If you consider your options, love becomes a business deal and ceases to be love.

They are fixed-minded

Mind maps must be rearranged to understand the paradoxes of life. Fixed idea leads to undesirable situations in bilateral relations. Such people have a hard time in relationships because they can’t see the truth from reading what they know.

They try to change their partners

Change is inevitable but cannot be forced. Believe in the process, waiting for your partner to change is silly; If you are in love, it means that you have accepted your partner with their flaws. As soon as you start waiting for it to change, you must first review yourself. So don’t expect it to be perfect.

They chase after love

If it is not mutual, it is not love. Cut out the chasing and manipulation. Love is like a butterfly: the more you chase, the harder it is to catch. He will appear before you when you least expect it.

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