If you are used to loneliness, the reasons that keep you away from love…

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Being afraid of falling in love or not feeling ready for a relationship happens to everyone from time to time. So what causes us to experience this feeling? We have listed the reasons that may cause you to stay away from love in our content. Here are those reasons!

afraid to open up to someone

If you truly love someone, it’s almost impossible to keep your walls straight and protect their heart against them. Feeling vulnerable in a loving relationship and the accompanying fear of losing control are holding you back from love.

getting used to loneliness

Getting used to loneliness may be one of your reasons for staying away from food. Love requires that you allow another person to be mentally, emotionally and physically involved in your private life. A person who is accustomed to loneliness in their living space, time and emotional presence may have a hard time with the concept of love.

fear of separation

Some people think that the relationship will end in separation and do not approach love at all in order not to experience this pain at all. For some, the prospect of separation is unbearable.

past relationships

The traumas you have experienced in your past or the fact that you are still confused by your past can keep you away from love as it will cause the illusion that you will experience the same in your next relationship.

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