If you’re dreaming about sex, it may be because of your position!

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Many of us wonder about the meaning of things we see in dreams. We have made a compilation for those who wonder what it means to see sexual things in a dream, which is the subject that many of us see and are ashamed to talk about, while having sexual intercourse in a dream or what it means to see things related to sexuality. If you often see things related to sex, it may be because of your position! Here’s what it means to see things related to sexuality in a dream, let’s examine it together…

It Might Have To Do With Your Sleep Position!

Sexual dreams are situations that many of us see from time to time. It has always been a matter of curiosity why we see things related to sexuality in dreams. Studies have shown that 93% of men and 86% of women have sexual dreams. Some say that they have such dreams more often, while others say that they have erotic dreams at certain intervals. In a Hong Kong survey of 670 university students, young people were asked if they had sexual dreams, and how often. In addition to these questions, the participants were also asked about their general sleeping positions. It turned out that 66% of the 670 participants were female and 34% were male.

Prone Sleepers Have More Erotic Dreams!

According to the results of the survey, 72% of the respondents stated that they slept on their side, 23% said they slept on their back, and 5% of them slept on their face. Experts state that those who sleep on their stomachs have more sexual dreams. So why do we see more sexual dreams when we lie down? For those who ask the question, it is stated as the pressure in the chest during sleep and the feeling of difficulty when breathing. This feeling of pressure and strain, on the other hand, gives signals to people’s brains about sexuality, and these feelings are carried into dreams.

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