Interesting facts about marriage

What has changed about marriage since ancient times… Let’s take a look together.

ask romantik cift mutlu evlilik

1) The history of wearing rings dates back to Ancient Egypt. The ring and the hole in the middle symbolized eternity, meaning that couples would be bound together forever.

2) E alyans yuzuk evlilik dugun nikahski In Rome, wearing a ring meant more belonging and commitment. In addition, the fact that the main material of the rings worn was iron, symbolized that the marriage was strong and solid.

3) For the first time in Christians, the ring was worn by both men and women. It meant the union of hearts.

4) In ancient Egypt, pharaohs could marry their sisters. This practice, which was generally practiced to ascend to the throne, was common only among aristocrats.
Grace kelly lace wedding gown
5) It is a very old tradition to pour something from the heads of the bride and groom at the wedding. At that time, wheat and rose were falling because they symbolized fertility.

6) The white wedding dress was first seen in England and France.
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7) The diamond ring given by the Archduke of Austria to his fiancee is the first known stone wedding ring. After that, the diamond ring was used as a tool in marriage proposals.

8) Honeymoon was indeed a honey-eating month. Especially in Northern Europe, couples consume a lot of honey in their first months due to its aphrodisiac effect.

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