Is a happy marriage possible after a baby?

It happens to most families; After becoming a parent, all the balances of the relationship change in an instant. New responsibilities, duties, or demands that come with the baby begin to shape your relationship with your partner, even if you don’t want to. The private time you spend for each other decreases, you have to sacrifice the activities you do together, and even your sex life may be interrupted. However, it is in your hands to turn all these effects into a positive direction and save your relationship from this process with the least damage. Yes, after baby a happy marriage is possible. But how? Here are their answers…

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Don’t hope for perfection

If you’re told that your marriage won’t change after the baby, don’t believe it. Once you become a parent, your relationship will most likely change. In both good and bad ways… And the picture of a happy family consisting of parents-children that you see in movies will not be created in a day. With the baby, some problems will come into your life. Your house will fall apart, it will be difficult for you to spend time alone with your partner, you will not be able to find time for sex, because you will often be tired. Prepare yourself from the very beginning. Hoping for perfection can make this process much more difficult, so be prepared for problems, especially at first.

Find the balance

One of the biggest problems experienced after having children is the question “Am I the mother or the wife first?” find in his dilemma. Getting rid of this dilemma and finding the balance is very important for the future of your marriage. Not only your relationship, but also your work, personal time and social life can suddenly fall into the background. All of these can make you feel trapped and even blame your child over time. Of course, it will take some time to find the balance, but you should know that you will achieve it. Because all women have this power.

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We all know now that the first rule of having a happy relationship is healthy communication. However, especially after becoming parents, couples should pay special attention to the communication between them. Not sharing the problems experienced in this process can cause serious damage to your relationship. It may even cause you to blame each other and feel anger towards each other over time. So no matter how busy you are dealing with the baby, take time to talk to your partner. Tell your partner about the things that make you angry, upset or upset during the day and try to find solutions together. Trying to solve problems alone will not help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Go out

Being a parent doesn’t mean you forget your whole social life. Even if it is very difficult to establish this balance, especially in the first months, you should take time to go out and get away from your responsibilities. Taking care of the child at home all the time can make you feel overwhelmed and angry with both your spouse and the baby. That’s why it’s definitely good for you to entrust your child to someone from time to time and go somewhere alone with your spouse. Thus, you can both get away from your responsibilities and breathe, and you can feel that your relationship is like in the old days. Especially if you have routines that you carry out outside with your partner, you should make an effort not to give up on them.

Keep up with the change

As we said at the beginning, your marriage will change more than you expected after the baby. The sooner you accept this change and try to keep up, the easier it will be for you. When you wake up early in the morning

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