Is Facebook becoming a dating site?

Facebook, which has been suggesting that you only add people you know since its establishment, that if it realizes that the friend request you send to people you do not know is too high, even blocks the account, closes fake accounts one by one and does not allow to be anonymous, Facebook enters the matchmaking business.

facebook dating

on Facebook It will not be possible to remain anonymous in Facebook’s dating business…

However, it should not be forgotten that Facebook; Unlike applications such as, OkCupid, this application will not allow to remain anonymous. We are sure that this will lead to various question marks in the users of Facebook, which closes fake accounts one by one and does not allow to be anonymous.

In fact, if there is a messaging app on a web-mobile site, there is always matchmaking involved. Even on an e-commerce site where users innocently try to sell second-hand products, it is possible to receive a message from the opposite sex that goes beyond its purpose. For this reason, Facebook, which claims to do “just friendship” business, is actually a dating site for a long time… Just like Instagram, Twitter and other social media applications… Because all these social media tools; The only difference from dating apps and websites like Tinder, Happn, OkCupid or is that their features include “dating, Facebook, on the way to becoming a monopoly in the dating business…

Facebook has been around for a long time.” It has a monopoly on many issues. Its wide user network, the data of millions of people in their hands, take Facebook to an extremely advanced level in the friendship business. What is surprising is that a site that has enough data to determine the politics of a country has never done this before. not infected… Although Zuckerberg has also committed to building the matchmaking feature from the ground up and ensuring that users’ personal information is completely safe, the goose’s foot probably won’t be…

2016 US election manipulated by Facebook

Let’s explain for those who don’t know the subject: Digital security company UpGuard, Facebook – 50 meters from the Cambridge Analytica scandal He explained how data belonging to a million users was used to manipulate the 2016 US Election. It was stated that the data tools in question were used to support various Republican campaigns.

Facebook’s artificial intelligence is getting better thanks to us…

On the other hand, Facebook is also closely related to artificial intelligence. Accordingly, Facebook also receives great support from Instagram, which it bought in the second quarter of 2012. Because, with the purchase of Instagram, it enabled its artificial intelligence, which it fed with 3.5 billion Instagram photos, to better detect and categorize the objects in the photos. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, said that artificial intelligence was able to achieve the highest results in the ImageNet computer vision test in identifying these photos.

Now let’s get to the other side of the matter: Facebook knows us better than we do!

Let’s share with you, not a new news, but the news of the results of a research conducted in 2015: According to researchers from Cambridge, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, personality analysis can be made based on Facebook user’s “like” preferences. This analysis describes you better than your relatives, family and even your spouse.

It is possible to analyze your personality according to the shares you like on Facebook

According to research, 70 likes entered into the software can reveal the character of the user better than his best friend. Better character analysis can be done than a mother, father or child at 150 likes. If the software has 300 likes, then you can get a better character analysis than your spouse. Let’s briefly summarize what all this means:

  • Facebook knows our true political views.
  • Facebook knows who to vote for, even if we don’t tell anyone.
  • Facebook can also understand who we like (unless there is a forbidden relationship).
  • Facebook can analyze our sexual tendencies that we may not even be aware of.

In the light of all this, we have the following: What happens if Facebook, which is aware of your political affiliation and can manipulate us during elections, enters the field of relations?

However, there is good news: Facebook can be very successful in finding the most suitable candidate for us in the light of all this information.

Zuckerberg says this feature of Facebook will “make real and long-lasting relationships come to life, not temporary relationships.” Even though it doesn’t give us the opportunity to be anonymous, Facebook, which really knows us better than we do, might be given this opportunity… Who knows, maybe we’ll find the love of our life thanks to Facebook?

Written by Selen Serdaroğlu

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