Is freedom, money or love important in a relationship?

During the pandemic, which caused radical changes in our lives, women changed their habits on many issues. The faster digitization of everything has also affected dating life, and women are more interested in online dating than in the past. So much so that in the last period, the first to send likes or start a conversation were generally female users. Friendship application OkCupid, which matches its users with the most suitable person according to their answers on the application, focused on the answers given by female users. Here is the view of women according to the data…

mutlu iliskinin sirlari evlilik dusuncesi

Who takes the first step?
It is generally thought that men start the conversation, but this is not the case, especially in January, the beginning of the new year. With the effect of the pandemic, women are more active in dating applications every day. Female users of OkCupid sent 10 percent more likes and started conversations in January 2022 compared to last year. In fact, more this year than any other month in 2021. Let’s see who will carry the ‘first step’ medal in the coming years?

Women are more activists
Yes, the number of women taking the first step is increasing day by day. So are those who raise their voices to be heard. Women answering OkCupid questions describe themselves as more activists than men in most countries. For example, 41 percent of women in Turkey and the United States say they are activists, while this rate for men is 26 percent in the United States and 36 percent in Turkey. The women who describe themselves as activists the most are from France.

The issue of women’s rights, including dating
Gender equality and freedom discussions are not limited to the media agenda. Women’s rights and feminism are also prevalent in dating apps. Compared to the past three years, users have mentioned feminism 83 percent more on OkCupid profiles. 84 percent of users think that the income gap between men and women should be closed. While 85 percent of Turkey agrees on this issue, Indonesia is the least agreeing country with 43 percent.

They are after freedom, not money…
With the increasing participation of women in the workforce, the importance they attach to finance is increasing. ‘Do you keep track of your own budget?’ 51 percent of women in Turkey, India and the USA say ‘Yes’ to the question. The women who care the least about registration are from Germany with 34 percent. But for all countries freedom is much more important than money. 84 percent of women in Germany, 72 percent of women in Turkey and 63 percent of women in the USA say that freedom is more important than money.

Does it matter how much your partner earns?
Some may think that money can buy love. This is not the case for women. OkCupid users from all over the world asked, ‘Is it important to be rich when you match someone?’ 60 percent of Germany and France answer the question “It’s not important at all”. 36 percent of women in Turkey think that money does not matter at all in mating. The rate of women who think it is very important is only 8. percent. The country that cares most about money in choosing a partner is Indonesia with 36 percent.

Love or career?
Climbing the steps of the business world on one side and sailing for a new love on the other… The world is undecided on this issue. It varies by country. For example, in France it is almost equal. Women in Israel are a little more romantic. 73 percent think it is more important to find a relationship. While 60 percent of women in our country think that career is more important, the women who care most about career are from India with 68 percent. Although career seems to be more important, especially after the pandemic, the rate of women who said ‘Finding true love is more important’ increased by 55 percent. It seems that in difficult times, love triumphs over career. Which do you think is more important?

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