Is harmony or attraction important in a relationship for women?

A question whose answer has been sought for centuries and which even the famous psychologist and psychoanalyst Freud could not answer despite his 30 years of work “What Do Women Want? Today, however, we have perhaps never been this close to the answer sought, thanks to the data we have accessed thanks to technology and algorithms.

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On the one hand, when we see our partner, we want butterflies to fly in our stomach, but when it comes to marriage or being able to have a serious relationship, question marks begin in our minds. “ Can we get along in the same house? ”, “ What are our expectations from life? ”, “ Do we have common pleasures?”
Chemical attraction , which is defined as a momentary feeling we experience mentally and emotionally , is one of the most exciting forms of love. The sparks felt during the conversation, the heart palpitations that started when the message came to the women ” This is it !” It is questionable whether it is sufficient for the relationship to be built on solid foundations.

Compatibility, on the other hand, is more likely to form a solid foundation for a long-term relationship, as it is built on shared values ​​and perspectives. If you do not agree on matters related to marriage and your future, for example, if you do not have a common opinion about which city you want to live in, it is inevitable to have arguments.

The online dating application Hawaya , which brings together those who are looking for a serious relationship on the way to marriage, is directed to female users , “What Features Are You Looking For In Your Partner?” With the answers to the question , he draws attention to the fact that people tend to profiles suitable for their lifestyles.

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be Educated…

According to researches, it is stated that women mostly marry individuals like themselves and education level plays an important role in the marriage decision. In marriage, women taking care of the children at home and the man is a model that is starting to lose its popularity today. Hawaya also confirms this perception with the user data she analyzed, emphasizing that 63 percent prefer women to marry men with university degrees .
Again, the unsolved dilemma of years “inner beauty or outer beauty” debate, and nearly 50 percent answering the body type preference question of female users as “light muscular athletic build” , shows that interest in external beauty is still not lost.

Nowadays, when healthy life trends are very popular, smoking is no longer cool! 1 out of every 2 people does not want their partner to smoke . On the other hand, 13 percent accept only on the condition that they are ‘social drinkers’ .

Or is it important to agree?

The characteristics that women expect in their partners are not that different from what they look for in any of their friends. Because a good relationship is meaningful when it is built on some basic and realistic qualities. Accordingly, the qualities most sought by women in life partners , honesty , respect and sincerity, can prevent heart palpitations.

One of the most important foundations in serious relationship and marriage is open communication. Men often prefer to share everything with their partners. However, women find relationships in which the other person share all their feelings and express themselves much healthier and more satisfying.

You can download the Hawaya app to find your soul mate with whom you can share life and have common tastes.

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