Is the rate of cheating increasing in marriages?

Recent studies show that the rate of cheating in married couples is higher than in the dating period. According to the results of the research, 15 percent of married women and 25 percent of men have an extramarital affair . The rate of women who establish an emotional bond with a man other than their spouse without having a sexual relationship reaches 20 percent. However, many people who cheat on their spouses say they don’t want to end their marriage. So why are cheating rates so high? Why do they fall in love with other people even though they don’t want to leave their spouse? Here are the answers…

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1- ​Lack of interest

With marriage responsibilities is increasing, especially after children. Couples who suddenly realize that they have many things to take care of are starting to spend less time with each other. This makes the other party feel that they are no longer loved. Your marriage is vulnerable when you take care of your children, focus on your career, or focus on your social life. When the person in front of you realizes that he cannot reach you when he needs you, he slowly starts to move away and eventually he meets this need with someone else.

2- Lots of options

According to the research, 36 percent of men and 13 percent of women cheat on their spouses during a business trip . On trips where they have no one to talk to, they can be greatly influenced by even the slightest intimacy. Couples who are really connected to each other are aware of this situation, so they usually keep the phone with them on business trips. Because while working on a project in a completely different part of the country, the attention of someone of the opposite sex appeals to everyone and can confuse them.

3- Familial features

If there are many cheating stories in your spouse’s family , you should be careful. Generally, people who have seen this situation in their family are more willing to cross the border, in a sense, deception is passed from father to son. Because this is not an unacceptable situation for them. So you may need to agree with him about your limits from the start. Of course, we are not saying that you should give up on someone you love because his father cheated on his mother, but try to be careful and make sure to tell him what your values ​​are.

4- Inability to see the truth

Someone who has not been deceived before will never understand how devastating such an event can cause. Therefore, contrary to the previous article, people who have never experienced cheating in themselves or around them may be inclined to cheat. He does not realize that you will lose your trust in him , that your marriage will go through a difficult period, that it may end, or that nothing will be the same as before. He’s just following his instant request and doesn’t think about the consequences.

5- Higher ego

Many people think that after marriage they guarantee the person in their life, they take an eternal promise and they will never lose their spouse. Especially those who are sure that the other party loves them very much, do not hesitate to seek new adventures. A man or woman, whose ego is satisfied as they are loved, and who begins to think that they are better than they are, believes more and more in their perfection. At the end of this, while he is so perfect , he does not want to be attached to a single person and at the same time thinks that his wife will continue to love him anyway. At the end of this process, high ego can be the reason for deception.

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