Is there any sexual attraction between you and if he talks to you…

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Sometimes, you may feel that there is an attraction between you and the person you have intense feelings about, which you cannot put a name to. We have compiled 5 situations that prove the sexual attraction between you and the person you love. These items will help you understand the reasons for the excitement between you…

If he gets excited with you

If there is a sexual attraction between you and him, he may behave strangely when you sit next to him. For example, pay attention to his reactions when you touch his arm while laughing. If he gets excited about the situation and tries to extend the time, it means he feels the same things as you.

Eye contact

If your eyes meet constantly, that is, if you catch your gaze in each other’s eyes when you catch sight of him, then he’s interested in you! Because many people do not feel comfortable looking into the eyes of others for a long time. However, if there is an attraction between you, the person in front of you will like it.

Voice tone

If a man is interested in you, he will unwittingly change his tone of voice in your presence. You notice that he adjusts his tone to be stronger or gentler around you.

Body language

When talking in a large group of friends, if her body and face is always turned towards you and she takes every opportunity to touch you, you cannot deny the sexual attraction between you!

When everything changes when you’re alone

Do the topics or activities you talk about in private differ from when you are with your friends? If your relationship moves to another dimension when you’re alone, there’s definitely something special between you.

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