Is there sex without love?

Analyzing women’s “I can’t make love without being in love” syndrome, Gleeden discussed the connection between sexual performance and love. It has been proven once again that women and men have completely different perspectives on the love & passion couple. Women focus on the emotional side of relationships rather than the physical interaction. However, it is not known whether they can show their best performances, but according to the survey results, it is clear that the majority of women can make love without love. Here are the surprising survey results.

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What women and men understand and expect from a bilateral relationship may not always be the same. Women; While they stay closer to the emotional side in the relationship with the push of the estrogen hormones they secrete intensely, men are more open to physical interaction with the contribution of the testosterone hormone, which they circulate all day under the influence.

Gleeden conducted a survey with 4073 Turkish members on “The relationship between sexual performance and love” and reached very striking results that would differentiate men and women. The preferences of 1312 women and 2761 men who participated in the survey also reveal the general trend.

“Do you have to be in love to show your best sexual performance?”
– 42% of women say Yes, 58% say No.
– 18% of men say Yes, 82% say No.

For 58% of women and 82% of men, the parameter that determines sexual performance is definitely not the feeling of love.

Factors affecting sexual performance positively

Which do you think? Is it physical liking, willingness of the partner, kind-heartedness of the partner or high sexual performance? Here are the answers…

  • Judging by the answers to Gleeden’s survey on love and sex; highest sexual performance in women; According to 34% of women, physical liking reveals the fact that their partner is very enthusiastic according to 33%, according to 13% of them their partner is kind, and according to 20% of them, the high sexual performance of the man opposite is revealed.
  • The factors that bring the highest sexual performance for men are; According to 33% of men, physical liking, according to 39% of the woman’s willingness, according to 13% of the like-minded partner and 15% of the partner’s high sexual performance.

While it is the physical strength and performance of the man that puts women in the mood the most, it is the desire and desire he will see in the woman that excites men the most.

Is it more satisfying to have sex with someone you love or someone you hang out with?

Here is the question that reveals the clear distinction between men and women! While the feeling of trust takes place in the satisfaction of women, it is much more exciting for men to be anonymous. Here are the results: Three out of four women (73%) say “I’m in love with”, while 55% of men say “with my freelancer”.

Do you live your fantasies more freely with someone you fall in love with or with someone you hang out with?

  • 54% of women say “I have more free sex when I’m free”.
  • The overwhelming majority of men, 82% feel more free to share their fantasies with a freelancer.

While a love affair for men is perceived as compromising their own personality, women can expand their own freedom in their relationships.

Is there love without sex?

  • 56% of women say “Okay, love is a feeling”.
  • This rate remains at 44% for men.

Women focus on the emotional side of relationships rather than physical interaction. However, when the same people are asked “Can there be sex without love”

  • , 60% of women say “Of course, love and lust are completely different feelings”.
  • 64% of men say they agree with them.

Although women focus on the emotional side of relationships rather than physical interaction, according to the survey results, women can make love without love.

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