Love creates miraculous effects on human health, extends the life of the heart!

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Love, one of the feelings that two people can experience and which is almost impossible to describe, not only saves 32 teeth, but also saves lives! Love, which we describe as indescribable feelings, has the greatest effect secreted from the brain on the heart. Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karabulut, ” Scientifically proven to prolong the life of the heartHe listed the most important benefits of love for health.


Did you know that people who live happily together live longer than those who live alone? It is seen that depression and unhealthy diet are more common in people living alone, smoking and alcohol consumption are higher. Scientific studies show that women living alone shorten their life expectancy by an average of 2 years, and men by an average of 6-7 years.


You did not hear wrong! Love and affection lowers blood pressure. Scientific studies reveal that 10 minutes of loving language conversation after a warm hug reduces blood pressure. The basis of this effect is the relaxation hormone oxytocin, which increases in the body. Other factors that regulate blood pressure are the reduction of stress in the body, increase in sleep quality, better quality of personal care and diet.


With oxytocin, the most important element of the love potion, improvement in blood pressure is observed, the body’s immune system gets stronger and the inflammation in the veins decreases.


Love reduces the risk of heart attack in the long run. It is seen that the quality of sleep increases in couples who have a happy and peaceful relationship, while the risk of heart attack decreases. Thanks to love, which is shown as the antidote to stress, with the decrease of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, an improvement in the sugar and cholesterol cycle is observed and the vessels are protected.


Hormones such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin released by the brain when falling in love create an antidepressant effect and protect the cardiovascular system from the harmful effects of depression. When we say love, we should not only think of the ongoing emotional intimacy between the two opposite sexes. The love of family, love of animals and nature, and mystical love that will give peace to the person also have a positive effect on heart health. In other words, love should not be a burden to the person, on the contrary, it should make a positive contribution to one’s life. For this reason, it is necessary to adjust the heart/brain balance well in love.

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