Loyalty rates in women by zodiac sign

Gleeden’s research among its members living in Turkey revealed the signs that carry the highest risk of infidelity among women. While women born in the winter season are more loyal to their spouses, a relaxation is seen in the springs of the heart from the end of April. Especially Taurus and Leo women’s reins become uncontrollable.

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As a result of a detailed study on the profile information of the 410,310 members of Gleeden in Turkey, the most loyal The zodiac signs that are most prone to cheating were determined.

According to Gleeden’s research
Bushings whose heart springs loosen very quickly


1. Taurus women (April 21 – May 21)

Taurus sadly flies the flag on the list of the most unfaithful. Taurus, whose ruling planet is Venus and known as the sign that knows what they want best, knows very well from whom and what to get. In this sense, she restrains herself less than other women of the zodiac sign when it comes to taking honey from different flowers.

2. Leo women (July 23 – August 22)

Being cheated on by a Leo woman who always chooses the highest as her life goals and tries to make what she does perfect, doesn’t actually mean being neglected for her partner. Because a Leo woman is among those who know how to find the balance between showing the same level of interest and excitement to all her partners.

3. Aquarius women (January 22 – February 19)

Aquarius are the most relaxed and flexible women. In this sense, they can experience a different mode every day. Aquarius, who have a slightly weaker sense of responsibility, can often act negligently, even if they don’t do it willingly. The priority in their life is peace. For this reason, Aquarius women may seek to find a new partner in the slightest arguments and tensions with their spouses.

Note: However, at 9 percent, Gemini and Pisces women don’t seem too bad for cheating, either.

Loyalty women

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1. Sagittarius women (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius women are most inclined to monogamy. Women born between 03.08.2018 love to be pioneers and manage the people around them. Therefore, they do not have much time or need to manage their spouses and look for new partners. Their overconfidence focuses primarily on establishing hegemony over the partner at home.

2. Capricorn women (December 22 – January 21)

Capricorn women are among those who can choose to find all the features they are looking for in a single person when choosing a partner. Thanks to their strong value judgments, sense of responsibility and patient nature, they choose to solve their problems in relationships and avoid looking for solutions outside.

3. Scorpio women (October 23 – November 21)
are passionate, lustful and vengeful, and Scorpio women are also not prone to cheating, as they know very well what their partner can do if they cheat on them. Although they do not like to be alone, they do not tolerate polygamy, who have always had a partner throughout their lives.

According to Gleeden’s research
Which zodiac sign is more prone to cheating on women?

dolap duzenleme aski giysi gardirop kadin Taurus: 11%
Leo: 10%
Aquarius: 10%
Gemini: 9%
Pisces: 9%
Cancer: 8%
Aries: 8%
Virgo: 8%
Libra: 8%
Scorpio: 7%
Capricorn: 7%
Sagittarius: 6%

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