Married women are more stressed!

Chronic stress is a state of anxiety, fear and panic that becomes chronic as a result of experiencing traumas in a part of life or throughout life, together with a feeling of intense helplessness and insolvency. Anadolu Health Center Specialist Psychologist Selin Karabulut said that chronic stress threatens the physical and mental integrity of the person, “Stress is a condition that affects people of all ages, but in order for us to say chronic stress, it is necessary to be above a certain age and in the same conditions for at least one year. According to research by the American Psychological Society, women, especially married women , have a 33 percent higher stress level than single women,” she says.

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Stating that some people are more prone to stress and the negative effects of stress, Selin Karabulut said: they are affected. Studies show that miners, police, guards and journalists experience more stress. In the second place are health workers such as dentists, doctors and nurses,” he explains.

Men and women have different reactions to stress

Psychologist who mentioned that ways of coping with stress and treatment of getting rid of chronic stress differ according to what stress factors are, how a person creates and perceives stress and how it affects functionality. Selin Karabulut “Sometimes it may be necessary to use psychiatric drugs, psychotherapeutic methods may be beneficial to reduce increased anxiety . Apart from this, it is very important to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, stay away from natural life and stress factors. Studies have shown that the response to stress can be different in men and women. In particular, crying-like crying is a reaction given by 44 percent of women, while only 15 percent of men give this reaction. “Married women have a 33 percent higher stress level than single women,” she says.

Ways to prevent stress

  • Identifying situations, people or jobs that cause stress
  • Avoiding excessive amounts of worry and ambition
  • Reviewing strategies that have worked before in similar situations
  • Staying away
  • If you can’t stay away, change the way-method. Not expecting different results by behaving in the same way
  • Staying away from work that wastes time, labor and money
  • Leading a simplified life
  • Obtaining and applying tips that make life easier
  • Taking care of our physical health
  • Exercising regularly
  • Setting short and long-term goals, making plans
  • Being able to go out of the daily routine and live close to nature if possible
  • Living, increasing and sharing love

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