New generation digital jealousy that shortens the life of the relationship!

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Especially in an environment where we can easily express ourselves in social media, where we easily share the food we eat, the places we go, of course, it is impossible not to see flawless photographs, flamboyant happy relationships that show that we will be happy forever! Social media, which takes place in all areas of our lives, has negatively affected the life of relationships and has opened up a new problem in relationships, which we call ‘digital jealousy’! About the social media crisis, which is quite impressive from our entertainment life to our love life, Neurologist Dr. Mehmet Yavuz shared important information.

The Use of Social Media Damages the Bond in the Relationship!

Social media, which is a good tool to meet new people, also harms male-female relationships. Before social media became an important part of our lives, couples generally communicated by phone, while the differentiation of communication tools brought digital jealousy into our lives. In the past, even if couples were jealous of each other, this feeling was tried to be hidden. Today, however, this jealousy can cause couples to restrict each other, argue, and even end the relationship for this reason.

Thanks to smartphones, people can talk about themselves wherever they are. The place they go to, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, even the shared photos can turn into jealousy between couples. The underlying reason why people share all these is the desire to be liked and approved. Studies show that even people with serious relationships can meet new people and flirt thanks to social media (spouse search, dating, friend search sites). The increase in the time spent on social networks and the misuse of these channels can lead to decreased communication, distrust, arguments and even divorce between seriously married or married couples.

This Jealousy Is Seen More In Women!

Although couples say that the most important thing in a man-woman relationship is the feeling of trust, the spirit of control overtakes this thought. Men often want to know the passwords of their wives or girlfriends. Many of the women, on the other hand, state that their partners do not take kindly to their friendships with the opposite sex. After digital media entered our lives, in the eyes of many couples, the opposite sex is a potential criminal trying to get you.

While Using Social Media, Reality Shouldn’t Be Overcome!

When using social media, virtual communication should not get in the way of real communication. Social media, which besieges our daily lives, casts a shadow on face-to-face communication. Couples, caught in the fun world of social media instead of spending time with each other, distance themselves from each other and the communication between them disappears. The best way to solve problems like jealousy and insecurity is for couples to communicate and spend quality time with each other. Of course, we should not lose sight of the fact that communication is not just talking but listening. Because such a perspective and attitude is an action that builds relationships, not destroys them.

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