Plastic surgeries preferred by men


Assoc. Dr. Erdem Guven; ‘The most applied aesthetic intervention for men is hair transplantation. This is followed by filler and botox, but it is also possible that a ‘feminine’ image will occur in applications that are not done carefully.

Hair, which is an indispensable element of youth and beauty for everyone, regardless of men and women, also comes to the fore in aesthetic applications. Today, with the advances in hair transplantation technologies, hair transplantation is by far one of the most applied aesthetic interventions to men.

Hair transplantation, also known as hair transplantation, is the transplantation of dense and healthy hair follicles between the two ears, located in the upper region of the neck, with the feature of genetically not falling out, after being anesthetized with local anesthesia, one by one by the expert team, opening the channels in the direction of the hair direction to the area of ​​​​the person’s hair opening. is the process of doing it.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Erdem Guven; ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’ or FUE, which is the last hair transplant technique applied in the world and in Turkey, is a hair transplant technique that allows us to obtain natural results both when removing the hair and transplanting the hair. As in all hair transplantation attempts with FUE, it is the process of transferring live hair follicles taken one by one from the hairy area to the balding area. Hair transplant takes an average of 6-8 hours. This period can sometimes be extended up to 10-12 hours. The reason is the hair follicle transplantation of 4 thousand or more, which we call ‘mega session’.

Stating that hair transplantation can be done from the age of 18, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Erdem Guven; It can be done until the age of 70-75 depending on the additional diseases that may be present in the person. The most important factor that determines the success of hair transplantation is the hair span of the person and the hair density in the donor area. Namely; While 1500 hair follicles may be sufficient for a person with a small hair gap, up to 7200 hair follicles can be transplanted to a person with a hair gap from the anterior region to the crown area.

Aesthetics is divided into two; Aesthetics for Women, Aesthetics for Men!

Due to anatomical, psychological and social differences, male aesthetics should be different from female aesthetics. Among the procedures that can be done without the need for hospitalization, especially to relieve age-related fatigue, are fillers, botox and eyebrow lifting and face-lift procedures performed under local anesthesia.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Erdem Güven underlines that filling and botox procedures to be applied to men should be done carefully and applied by experienced people. Assoc. Dr. Confidence; ‘Especially if women try to do the same to men, it is possible to create a ‘feminine’ image.

In order to prevent undesirable images that may arise, the facial expression is softened with botox and filling works to be done in parallel with the facial expressions and muscle structure of the person depending on the experience, while the depth and meaning in the gaze are tried to be increased.’

A dose of youth is possible with the hanger method…

Another reason in men is the drooping of the face and eyebrows with age. In particular, a rejuvenation can be achieved with suspension procedures, eyebrow and face suspensions performed with local anesthesia to correct the tired expression. The common features of these methods are that they are performed under local anesthesia with sedation support and they do not require hospitalization. In short, the process is based on the principle of hanging the lower region upwards by means of specially designed needles and special threads against gravity. When the method is applied correctly, it can provide permanence between 5 and 10 years.

After the procedures in which tissue trauma is minimal, the recovery is quite rapid and a full recovery occurs 3-4 days after the procedure.

In these methods, making attempts by the expert of the subject constitutes the golden rule in order to get the best results.

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