Proven: Traits that make women attractive

You wouldn’t believe how much the scientific world has to say when it comes to relationships. There are scientific explanations for all those falling in love at first sight , not being able to take your eyes off, feeling the eyes of men on the day you wear red, and even being affected by your tone of voice. Research on male-female relationships clearly reveals which women find more attractive, especially men, and under what conditions. Here are the features that you can impress the man in front of

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Lips are in the foreground

Forget highlighting your body curves. Research results at the University of Manchester say that lips are the most attractive physical feature of a woman. Considering the attractiveness of stars such as Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johanso n, it is impossible to argue the opposite. Especially pink and red lipsticks allow you to keep the attention of men for much longer. Go for red when you need help, a classic lipstick always works.

Strong eye contact

Everyone knows the saying “eyes are the mirror of the heart”, but eyes are also the most important gateway to a lover’s attention! When you are attracted to someone , your pupils dilate . And goal! Everyone is very affected by large pupils because of this. So what we mean is that you don’t hesitate to look at the person you like as much as you want.

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Learn from emojis

Smile like emojis, of course not the dissatisfied-rolling emoji, modeling on the smiley face. Studies show that men find smiling women more attractive. In other words, looking at your face with a grimace will not be effective on any man.

Brilliant white teeth

Research says straight white teeth are far more attractive, and it’s not wrong to assume that no one will be impressed by yellow, crooked teeth. Regular brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist are important not only for your health but also for your love life . This is one of the fertility and health signs that evolution has ingrained in our DNA.

Raise your pitch

Clearly, highs are much sexier. Researchers say that louder, high-pitched sounds suggest a smaller and more attractive body. In fact, the last two items also show how much smoking reduces your attractiveness. Yellow teeth and a deep voice are no man’s dream.

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Use your body language

When you stand on a ground, with your head bowed and your feet pointing towards the person in front of you, you send the message that you are open to communication and connection. While sitting somewhere, lean towards the man you are interested in and talk. In addition, blushing of the cheeks is considered a sign of attraction and is actually a trick of the body to attract the attention of the other party. That’s why blush is one of our women’s favorite makeup items.

Red is always strong!

In the study on color perception, participants were shown two different photos of the same woman. In one of the photos, in which the exact same pose is given, the model is wearing a blue dress and in the other, red. According to the results, the photo in the red dress turns out to be much more attractive and sexually desirable. Moreover, the participating men also state that they can spend much more effort and money for the woman in the red dress .

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