Questions to ask to get to know men

Life coach Candan Ünal gives information about the questions to be asked to get to know men. You can use these questions while chatting with the guy you like. With the answers you get, you can get to know him better and decide whether it suits you or not.

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Published three books about love and relationships Candan Ünal received coaching training approved by Marmara University . You can learn the job from an expert and approach men with the right questions.

1. Ask men lifestyle questions

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While chatting with him, you can ask questions to get an idea about his lifestyle. In this way, his interest in you will remain alive. “Are you one of those who like to live at night or one of those who like to live at night?” can be a good example.

2. You can ask him about his eating and drinking habits

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For example: Do you like tea or coffee, what is your favorite food, do you like white wine or red wine, anything. Do you have allergies, what is your favorite drink, is there a special restaurant you like to eat at, where do you go most often?

3. You can get closer to him by exploring his inner world

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You can get to know him better through questions to be asked to men. To give a few sentences as an example, you could use the following: If you had a power, which superpower hero would you like to be? What special talent would you like to have? Did you like magicians as a kid? Do you still love?

4. You can learn about his interest in culture and arts

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You can chat about the interests of the person you like. It allows you to find common likes and get closer to each other. For example: Do you read books? Do you have a favorite book or author? What is your favorite type of music? Which museums have you visited or do you know the historical places in the city you live in? Which branches of art do you like and follow? What’s your favorite movie?

5. Continue with questions about the world of men

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We women may not like it very much, but men have special interests such as cars and games. These questions can make you stand out from other women. Examples: What is your favorite car brand? Do you play computer games? Which one do you like most? Do you like games such as chess, cloth? Which team do you support? What types of sports are you interested in?

6. Don’t ask the man some questions right away!

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You have learned about the questions to be asked to get to know men. If it’s dating, there are some things you should avoid. For example: Do you believe in love, do you want to get married, do you want children, how much is your monthly income, what does your father do… Questions like these scare a man and may cause him to stay away from you. Best of all, leave it to time and let it tell you if it wants.

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