Sail in love with mystical oils

Astrology is seen by many people as a divination system that has been used in many cultures for thousands of years to interpret the past, present and future, and is created by utilizing ancient knowledge as well as multiple disciplines.

Although astrology is not seen as a concrete branch of science by the scientific world, for example, according to studies, it has been observed that some zodiac signs have certain buying habits. This enabled various marketing activities to be carried out by using the psychological effect of belonging to a zodiac sign. So the world of advertising did not miss this opportunity…

Since the beginning of July, astrologers say that for those who have not yet found love , July is a wonderful month . In fact, there are even those who go a little further and comment, “I don’t know, those who can’t find love until the end of July” 🙂 That’s why I found a place in alternative medicine, independent of astrology; migraine etc. I wanted to talk about the healing oils that can be used even in the treatment of chronic problems. If love is in the air, why not strengthen that scent? 🙂

Can we use aromatherapy to activate the senses?

Aromatherapy teachings, which have thousands of years of history, are of course an important source when it comes to love.

While aromatherapy, which aims to increase the quality of life by using the oils obtained by distillation from the roots, leaves or flowers of plants, is one of the most special options in the gift alternatives of couples, can it be the savior of those who are lonely and go looking for the owner of their heart?

Smell is one of the most effective stimulants

Odors are among the most effective stimulants that control the secretion of vital hormones in our body and stimulate the limbic system in the brain. For this reason, aromatherapy balances the hormone levels caused by negative emotions, both bringing balance to people’s moods and becoming a favorite of everyone who wants to add positivity to their relationship.

One of the founders of Radika Aromatherapy , Aromatherapist Derya Acar says that love and love motivation can be controlled by influencing the limbic system in the brain, which controls our emotions.

Oxytocin hormone is the building block of love and loyalty

The oxytocin hormone, known as the love hormone and which manages the time we fall in love, the person and our sense of loyalty, serves as the building block of love and loyalty between couples. undertakes. In fact, a 2013 study by Oxford University researchers showed that oxytocin has positive effects on trust, empathy, positive relationship memories, and loyalty in relationships.

The most important way to stimulate the secretion of oxytocin hormone is to reduce cortisol, that is, the stress hormone. This is where aromatherapy and essential oils come into play.

Aromatherapist Derya Acar draws attention to the researches on the subject and continues her words as follows: “Research shows that some essential oils, including clary sage oil, can help balance hormones and stimulate the production of love hormone”
So, let’s take a look at the essential oils that are included in the Radika Aromatherapy essential oil collection and that support the secretion of the love hormone

The 4 most effective essential oils when it comes to love

1. To open your heart to love instead of stress: Clary sage essential oil

Hormone values ​​are of great importance in integrating a person with love, when the stress level decreases, the oxytocin hormone of the person increases. shows that sage essential oil can reduce stress hormones and in this way can be tightly connected to love.

( 2. Leave anxiety and stress aside: Elegant lavender essential oil

Many studies prove that Elegant Lavender, Lavandula Angustifolia essential oil significantly reduces anxiety and stress. The mood that love needs requires just that.

3. Be more enthusiastic: Ylang Ylang essential oil

Many studies show that smelling Ylang Ylang essential oil is associated with feelings of euphoria and helps alleviate depression.

4. Increase the aphrodisiac effect: Rose essential oil
Rose essential oil, which has an anxiety-relieving and calming effect, is also traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. The easiest way to benefit from this effect of rose is to use rose water.

As we come to the end of our article, I need to share the warning made by Derya Acar, one of the founders of Radika Aromatherapy, about the methods of using essential oils. Derya Acar, on essential oils: “Essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin and should not be smelled. To benefit from its effects, you can mix it with massage oil or use it by dripping into the water used in the diffuser.” says.

By the way… If you don’t find love by the end of July, don’t worry. We still have a whole month of August ahead of us for summer love 🙂

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