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We married women often forget the importance of sex. I remember those crazy moments when my wife and I sneaked into the bathroom in the middle of a party. But it’s been a long time. We have been together for 10 years and we have 2 sons under 5 years old. We used to be close to each other willingly, but now we fall asleep as soon as we go to bed. But the truth is, I still desire it. Besides, regular sex life has many benefits. It makes you live longer and lowers blood pressure. That’s why I’ve dedicated 7 days to loving sex with my wife again. I tried 7 different views, taking into account the sex advice of popular experts . Here are the results…

ask iliski seks cinsellik

Day 1 – Schedule sex
Honestly that was the last thing I wanted to do but Dr. Tina Tessina, scheduling at least once a week wasn’t as crazy as luring my wife to a secluded place at a party, but now I realized it was all about connecting. Dr. Tessina advised us to remember how to communicate again, whether with a few words, a look or a touch. I mean, planning sex can be much sexier. I’m amazed at how good our sex life is right now. I sent the kids to bed early and told my wife we ​​had a special plan for tonight. He did not object.
kadin yatak seks cinsellik Day 2 – Fantasizing about your spouse all day
During the last few years, when
I started daydreaming about my spouse. I thought of our extraordinary sex experience on our first vacation and her muscular legs. And it worked. By the way, my wife came home from work. I was ready to rip your clothes off. After sending the kids to bed that night, we locked ourselves in the room and shared all our favorite memories.
seks cift yatak odasi iliski flort mns Day 3 – Take a night out for a massage
In the past, whenever my partner started touching my back, I thought it was a sign for sex and tried to block it. Because usually, I would be tired, reluctant, dirty-haired and not epilating. But Dr. Karen Finn, every day
ask seks iliski cift Day 4 – Talk honestly about your fantasies
My wife isn’t the type of guy I can talk to about celebrities I admire or my high school sweetheart. We do not have an open relationship. That’s why we never talked about our fantasies. I was worried that this conversation would hurt his confidence. But, relationship expert Jordan Gray talks about his best sexual experiences and fantasies
When we went to bed that night, we had a pretty nasty conversation about it. But it only took 3 minutes because we had more important things to do than talk.
yatak seks kadin seksi sabah sarisin mkl
Day 5 -Send your sexy photos
Since our sexy texting the other day worked better than I expected, I decided it would be good to post sexy photos too. I’m not normally a woman who does this. I’m not even a woman who takes sexy pictures or thinks she looks perfect that way. But I wanted to try.

Marriage and relationship experts Susie and Otto Collins insist that erotic texting is not just for eager teens in their 20s. Perfect for couples of all ages especially if one party travels frequently. You can also use it to raise the fire of the night with your partner, whom you see and live with every day.

I must admit this takes some practice. I thought about the places my wife finds sexy in me and took some close-up photos. My neck, shoulders, or whatever he likes.
I must admit that this process made me see myself differently. I’m just a mom all day. I serve as a pillow for a nap, a seat for reading time, and there’s always someone tugging at my skirt. But taking these pictures while the kids were asleep made me notice my body again . I felt very sexy and it did me good.
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Day 6 – Try something new
Sometimes you just need to try something new.

For us this was as far away as our old fantasies. We usually chose the missionary position because I had self-confidence issues and

Day 7 – Don’t have sex
On day 7 of my attempts to love having sex with my partner again, we didn’t have sex . We just spent time together. We popped popcorn and held hands and watched TV. It was perfect. We felt comfortable like we haven’t in a long time. We had sex for a whole week and we were tired, but more importantly, we reconnected.

In fact, couples don’t need to have sex every day to have an amazing sex life. Relationship coach Leilla Blackwell says making love every day in long-term relationships can make things monotonous and numb. Seeing sex as a duty weakens the bond between you, which is more important than sex. Blackwell, we learned to connect . Since then, sex has been a way of bonding for us. We learned to be happy together. We realized our responsibilities. And now we both feel much more sexy and attractive. We may not be as young as we used to be, but we still find each other incredibly sexy. The emotional intimacy we established allowed us to have a better sex life.


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