Sex compatibility according to the zodiac, your sex life according to astrology…

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For the Cancer woman, whose emotional aspect is at the forefront, sex is like a very natural activity. Crabs, who have the feeling that they came to the world only to have children, are childish and full of energy, but sometimes they have passive and maternal feelings. Space and decoration for sex are very important for the Cancer woman.

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Gemini Woman

For the Gemini woman, who likes to have sex by laughing and talking, they like to keep sex intelligence in the background. They can use sex as a tool to get rid of their nerves and all their tension. For the Gemini woman, it is more important to have fun and enjoy the moment than romance.

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For Leo women who love positions they will manage, they want to be with a partner who is as hot as themselves in front of sex. One of the things they enjoy most in bed is to be praised and heard that they are unique. It is very important for them to be in a luxurious and magnificent environment in sexuality.

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Scorpio Woman

For the Scorpio woman, when it comes to sex, she can easily adapt and reach the same pleasure, regardless of the person she hates or the person she loves very much. Negative situations excite the Scorpio woman more than ever before.

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