sexual withdrawal method

The aim of the withdrawal method is to prevent sperm from entering the woman’s vagina. In this method, during sexual intercourse, when the moment of full ejaculation comes, the man withdraws his penis and ejaculates outside. Although this method, also known as ejaculation among the people, is used for protection purposes, it always carries a risk in terms of both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases .

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sperm The idea that “you can’t get pregnant if sperm doesn’t enter” in couples who want to prevent pregnancy is extremely wrong.

Although the man does not ejaculate during lovemaking, a fluid containing sperm, called pleasure fluid, is formed in the man’s penis during foreplay. On one of the ovulation days when the woman is suitable for getting pregnant, hundreds of thousands of sperm in the pleasure liquid coming from the man during foreplay can reach the canals of the woman in the uterus and initiate pregnancy in the egg cell. In this sense, it is possible for a woman in the ovulation period to become pregnant with only pleasure fluid . Therefore, many unwanted pregnancies occur with this method. Although

Withdrawal method is an incorrect birth control method that is widely used in our country, there is a 40 percent risk of getting pregnant. This method, which has been used since ancient times, is never recommended as a birth control method by obstetricians.

Effective methods of contraception:

  • Condoms
  • Contraception method: Spiral
  • Monthly birth control injections
  • How to use birth control pill?

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