Show these aspects of yourself before you get married!

While dreaming of marriage, planning our future home, and thinking about what we will do, we always think of the best. But the perfect life we ​​dream of is not as perfect as sometimes. Because let’s face it, none of us are that perfect. We all have human aspects, minor cracks. It may be easy to hide them during the valentine period, but you should know that everything will be revealed when you get married. Your lover, who always sees you at your best, will now witness the preparation phase, and will always be there when you have nervous breakdowns , cry or when you let yourself go. It’s hard to predict how you’ll react to these, so it’s not bad to test your relationship with a few tests. Here are the aspects you should show your partner before marriage…

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Let him see your worst cry
It’s likely that you have never cried in front of your lover before. But we all know that we don’t always cry in our most polite way, while tears roll gracefully from our eyes. We’re talking about that cry where your whole face changes shape and you make strange noises while your nose is running. Being able to cry like that in front of someone is actually a sign of how much you trust them and that you can let yourself go. It’s also a great opportunity for you to see how your partner is coping with moments of crisis.

Don’t hold back

We all learn to hold back when we get angry, especially with our partner. No matter how angry we get, we try to hide our “ugly” side as much as possible. But this will not always be possible. After getting married

Go grocery shopping

You don’t need to drag your partner with you to shop for clothes. But if the subject is grocery shopping, you will have to do it together. He should know beforehand about the strange snacks you eat, the teas that help you lose weight, or the fact that you will never bring sugar into your home, of course, you should discover his strange eating habits beforehand. It may be easy to fit in when you’re out and about, but everyone becomes a different person at home, even with something as simple as food.

Get ready by your side

We’re not talking about reapplying lipstick in front of your lover. Make sure he is involved in the entire preparation phase. Make your mask, get rid of your pimples, do all your makeup and choose clothes. And yes, have your lover by your side throughout this preparation process. It is useful to know in advance how nervous you can be while you are getting ready, and that you do not always look perfect. Of course, it would be good for him to get an idea about your preparation time for the issues that he will complain about the most in the future.

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Be with you in sickness

When you’re lying down with fever, stomachache or

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