Suggestions from 2018 trends for men who want to have style


Today, men follow the fashion trends of the season as much as women follow fashion. It is emphasized that men who want to have style should be at peace with colors in both shoes and clothes in the 2017-2018 fall/winter period. Nowadays, men’s use of various accessories adds originality to the person.

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Talking about the men’s fashion of the season, Creative Director Tufan İrfan gave tips for those who want to have style.

”For men who want difference, you can make yourself talk about yourself in any environment with a masculine attitude that preserves its masculinity with its motif-pattern harmony that does not go to extremes. This year, crow’s feet patterned jackets make a difference with boucle, while offering style solutions for those looking for an alternative to black with colors such as anthracite, burgundy, khaki, mustard and dark blue.”

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Stating that this year, the pastel tones we are used to in clothes and shoes in the autumn winter season are out of the way, Tufan İrfan continued as follows:

”We are saying hello to the season with coffee, khaki, mustard, black, gray and burgundy tones. The collections are fed from different textures. When pieces of different textures or different color fabrics come together, they create a tremendous unity. Thus, you make different touches to your style.”

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While creating the collection, Tufan İrfan stated that they imagined that fashion pieces, which were transferred from the past to the present and appearing with different faces in every period, combined with the modern urban man. “The power of accessories that can create two unique stances from a single suit with the choice of shoes, ties, bags, belts, handkerchiefs, cufflinks, shawls, wallets awaits you to discover them. Fur details and collar badges, which we prefer in coats, are at the forefront of the accessories that attract attention this season, and you can enrich your style with small touches with geometric patterned scarves and leather gloves at the same time.he said.

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