The benefits of kissing are an indispensable way for self-confidence!

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It turned out that kissing, which is the most beautiful and easiest way to feel our love and closeness, is very beneficial for human health. Did you know how kissing affects our health? What are the benefits of kissing? Here are all the curiosities about kissing!


1) People who kiss their spouses goodbye every morning live 5 years longer than others.

2) Kissing and kissing is an indispensable way for self-confidence. Just kiss to make yourself happy and spiritually peaceful.

3) Kissing helps burn calories, 2-3 calories are burned every minute and your metabolic rate doubles. According to research, when you kiss 3 times a day (for at least 20 seconds), you will lose 200-300 grams in a day. Then you can start the kiss diet.

4) Kissing takes all the stress out of the body, relieves tension and makes you feel good. According to medical studies, kissing reduces the secretion of the stress hormone “cortisol”.

5) During kissing, 30 muscles on your face work. The flexibility of your facial muscles and the cure for sagging cheeks is kissing. Since the blood flow will accelerate during kissing, the signs of aging will not appear at an early age.

6) Kissing is also beneficial for the heart. As it creates adrenaline, more blood is pumped to the body and this accelerates the circulation, thus providing more oxygen to the cells. As a result of studies conducted on couples who kiss frequently, it has been seen that heart diseases are less and cholesterol and blood pressure are reduced.

7) Stomach, urinary tract and blood infections are less common in couples who kiss frequently. Couples strengthen their immune systems thanks to the beneficial bacteria they pass on to each other.

8) During kissing, secret antibiotics in saliva are transferred. There is also a natural pain reliever in saliva that reduces pain.

9) Kissing reduces anxiety and increases oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a calming hormone that provides peace of mind.

10) The endorphins released during kissing are 200 times stronger than morphine.

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