The effects of colors on love life and sexual life, which color represents what?

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Our choices reveal a lot about ourselves. Just like our color preferences… Because the mysterious world of colors and the meanings they contain whisper a lot, from our personality traits to our love lives. Especially what he says about our love life sometimes touches the blind spots that we can’t even notice. Neurologist Mehmet Yavuz explains what color you are in love based on your choices.


Symbolizing the energy of mother earth, red is the first color that comes to mind when it comes to love. If red is always your first choice, passion comes first in your relationships. A relationship without energy and dynamism is not for you. You experience your emotions intensely and you expect a feeling of this intensity from your partner. You like to be needed in a relationship. Also, thanks to your motherly nature, you are very eager to start a family. You are also the person in search of long-term relationships.

If you are a red lover, sexuality is a must for you. Sex, one of the most important points of your life, is a vital act that provides rooting for you and brings new life energies.


Yellow color is an energy store in itself. If yellow, which is the first choice of fast, active and excited people, represents your relationship, you have a life full of energy. You love to joke, flirt, admire and be heard, and it makes you even more energetic. As a matter of fact, this mood of yours is also reflected in love. For you, love should be logical but also seductive. You’ve never been a person of stable relationships. Full of surprises and spontaneous relationships are always your first choice. However, you have a negative side, which is your tendency to cheat.

Sex is not essential for you. In fact, you prefer fantasies rather than physical intimacy. If you are going to include someone in your life and have sex, but that person has to overcome some criteria.

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Representing peace, green also represents being virtuous. It is also said that the green, which is located in the center of the emotions, is located in the energy field emitted. That’s why in some societies the color of love is green, not red. If your favorite color is green, it means you are in favor of deep love. You are definitely a love person and when you fall in love you are totally hooked. Your sensitive and naive side can cause you to be too giving in relationships. Although this situation is not tiring at first, it can wear down you and your relationship over time. It would be beneficial to be more controlled in this regard. Also, it is very important for you that your partner is a good friend in your relationships.

When it comes to sexuality, emotions are always at the forefront for you. In fact, if there are no emotions, there is no sexuality. If you have strong feelings towards your partner, then sex makes sense to you.


If you act with your feelings and get offended quickly because of your sensitive nature, your color in love is blue. Your emotions are your guide in your relationships. At the same time, your dynamic and extroverted nature is also reflected in your relationships. Although your sensitive and dynamic nature creates a complicated space, it also manages to reveal the inspiring power of love.

Your creative energy also shapes your sexuality. You expect your partner to have the same courage in the face of being open to innovations and you like to be free like a bird. You also like to talk about sex because you like to express your feelings with words.


Due to your controlling and careful nature, you prefer to walk confidently in love. In fact, this urge to dominate can sometimes prevent you from revealing your emotions in your relationships. You also like to be the decision maker, controlling and guiding party in relationships. Most importantly, you have limits in your relationships and you don’t like it when your partner crosses these limits.

Your controlling nature also plays an important role in your sex life. However, the situations that really affect you and feel the strong gravitational power coincide with the moments when this control armor falls. At these moments, both control and borders are lifted.

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