The killer of relationships: Jealousy!

Jealousy, one of the important emotions affecting life, can be the killer of relationships if the dose is not adjusted. Stating that the jealousy of not losing what one has, shows the insecurity of oneself, experts say that saying “I trust you but I don’t trust the people around you” actually means “I don’t trust you either”.

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Psychiatrist Assistant Professor Mahir Yeşildal, the feeling of jealousy has two different dimensions. Noting that the feeling of jealousy has two different dimensions, one of them is “jealousy based on the fear of not losing what you have” and the other is “the jealousy of wanting to have what someone else has,” Mahir Yeşildal, a psychiatrist, said:

Patty of envy no logical side

“The jealousy of not losing what you have shows insecurity. This brings feelings of worthlessness and helplessness. The first step of the event we call envy is to want it to happen to someone else and to have it in oneself. If I don’t have it, this is the first step to have it too. To want a feature or object that is in someone else to be in oneself is called envy. There is no pathological aspect to it. The thought that if I don’t have it, neither does anyone else, triggers an event we call envy.”

“Loving people get jealous” mentality can make life hell

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Psychiatrist Mahir Yeşildal stated that the feeling of jealousy greatly affects bilateral relations. Let us consider the relationship between spouses. ‘Darling, I trust you but I don’t trust the environment. I know that you won’t make a mistake, but there are many different people around’. When viewed from the outside, the words ‘Loving people are jealous, a dose of jealousy is good’ is met with a perception. It’s a socially accepted concept. I believe that such words are an important step towards turning life into hell. This could be your lover, spouse or friend. He said, “I trust you, but I don’t trust those around you” in Turkish, which means “I don’t trust you too much”.

Psychiatry Specialist Mahir Yeşildal , who mentioned the damage done to both sides by very controlled, relationships with high levels of jealousy, said, “Do not ask for the Instagram password of your lover or spouse and check the messages written to him. A person who knows himself will carry himself. In the life of spouse or love, both parties have no right to poison each other’s life and to rule over someone else’s life.

The most pathological form of jealousy: Othello Syndrome

Noting that the most pathological form of jealousy is Othello Syndrome, Psychiatrist Mahir Yeşildal said:

“Othello Syndrome When there is nothing, no concrete data, the person’s not being able to answer his phone at that moment, returning from the place he went to 3 minutes later than the time he said before, and having a hair on his clothes, leads a person to a conviction, not a suspicion. In Othello Syndrome, if the woman has a short hair on her, it means that the woman has definitely cheated on her. It could even be the milkman. It could be a grocer, it could be a girlfriend, it could be something else. For a man with Othello Syndrome, the fact that his wife likes a man’s photo is conclusive evidence.”

The reason behind the murders: Othello Syndrome

Psychiatrist Mahir Yeşildal noted that Othello Syndrome is not a very noticeable disorder and said, “A person’s functionality is only related to his wife or lover. remained with a limited area, it deteriorated in that limited area. These people can be doctors, lawyers or housewives. But in bilateral relations, there is a fight every day, every day noise, and the situation of poisoning the life of the loved one. It’s a pretty serious picture. Sometimes, there are cases of pathological jealousy in some of the news ‘he brought madness’ reflected on the third pages of the newspapers. Some of the murders of women are under the Othello Syndrome. According to the man, if the woman wanted a divorce, the reason for this was not violence or incompatibility, but cheating. “These cases should definitely receive psychological treatment,” he warned.

Therapy support should be sought

Psychiatrist Mahir Yeşildal noted that people with intense jealousy who follow their spouse or lover on social media lead them to depression and said, “You may feel sad, helpless, worthless feels unhappy. By squeezing the other side, he takes control, trying to know every place he goes, trying to determine his friends, making life miserable. Such a love unfortunately cannot exist. In cases of jealousy of this type, it is necessary to get at least a therapy support. Life doesn’t go like that. I would like to emphasize that the words of jealousy expressed in public and loving people are jealous do not always express innocence and love.”

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