The most important reason for divorce is contempt!

Have you ever rolled your eyes when your partner was talking about something or did something that you thought was unimportant? You may think it’s not a big deal or that it’s just part of your personality, but these insulting gestures will end your relationship.

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The Gottman Institute, owned by Researcher John Gottman, states that rolling eyes, sarcastic remarks and nicknames are the number one reasons for separation . says. John Gottman Stable for 40 years

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It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

Nicknames, laughing when your partner says something, Saying sarcastic remarks , rolling your eyes, and sighing can make your partner think you don’t care about him and what he says. Put your nose in the air and accept that you are equal with your partner. Take what he says seriously and make him feel valued. Do not create hierarchy in your relationship.

Remove “anyway” from your dictionary

The word “anyway” is for teenagers, not adults. When you say “Anyway” you are actually saying “I’m closing the issue and I’m not listening to you”. By doing this, you make the other party feel that the things they feel obliged to say are of no value to you. This behavior makes your partner feel helpless and causes his brain to exclude you from the category of people he loves.

Don’t go the distance when sarcasm

Sarcasm that won’t embarrass your partner or make them feel threatened, worthless and unloved may not be that risky. It is natural to have small sarcasm in a relationship anyway, and under normal circumstances, the parties understand this. When pinning, you should be careful to be moderate, not to touch the sensitive subjects and not to do it constantly.

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Don’t hold grudges

If something is bothering you, don’t magnify it right away. When you wait for a while and observe, you can realize that the situation that bothers you is not what you thought. When discussing this situation , be solution oriented . Insulting your spouse’s personality during an argument or talking negatively about their irrelevant behavior will distract you from the solution and drag you into conflict. You don’t want to burn the whole house down because of a few bedbugs.

Pay attention to body language!

Gestures and facial expressions that you don’t think you do consciously may be an indication that you insult your partner. Constantly telling you with your body language that you don’t care about your partner and their thoughts shows that you are starting to shake the foundation of your relationship. Try to think about how you are expressing yourself and try to get rid of them as soon as you notice the bad behaviors you are expressing.


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