The most impressive kissing techniques

You can learn about kissing techniques that affect men and more in our special news! Together you will discover everything you need to have great moments and seduce her!

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Remember, even kissing has techniques, and knowing better can make you indispensable. Are you ready? So, let’s get started!

1. The most important rule among kissing techniques

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Fresh breath and a clean mouth are important. Brush your teeth with mint toothpaste and rinse thoroughly. Then chew fruit gum. This leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth. If you don’t have time to brush your teeth, drinking a large glass of water and chewing sugary gum will suffice.

2. Beautify your lips by caring for them

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Soft and smooth lips increase kissing pleasure for both of you. Always take care of lip care, especially on cold winter days, use protective lip care cream to prevent chapped lips. For a quick care, apply strained honey to your lips and massage it. Wait a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

3. The most sensitive point in kissing techniques

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Of course, it is important to use language for impressive kissing, but this move should be saved for the last. It is not right to put your tongue in your mouth when your partner is not used to you yet and is not in the mood for kissing. Those who watched the TV series ‘Se and the city’ remember what happened to the character of Charlotte: Even at the first kiss, the man puts his tongue in the woman’s mouth and creates uncomfortable feelings in the woman. So stay calm.

4. Trust yourself and focus on the moment!

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The energy of those with high self-confidence is fascinating, they enjoy kissing and give pleasure to the person in front of them. So start kissing without the slightest concern for yourself. You can enjoy this wonderful moment to the fullest with calm and soft movements.

5. Gentleness is key among kissing techniques

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For expressive kissing, gentle beginnings are best. Kiss on the corners of the lips and then come to the middle. Wet your lips lightly and place them between your partner’s lips. Then move your lips with soft movements.

6. You can use your hands and your breath

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While kissing takes place in its natural flow, you must use your hands and breath. For example, gently touch your man’s neck or ears. Hug your woman’s waist or run your hands through her hair. Blow into his ear or neck with your warm breath.

7. You can kiss with soft noises

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If you want the kiss to turn into passionate lovemaking, kiss with soft moans and noises. However, avoid exaggerated motions and sounds like in movies. It’s fine to make sounds that are gentle and just arousing. Remember, you are not a movie star; You are kissing your lover. Be natural.

8. Try impressive kissing techniques

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Being at the same pace while kissing can bore you. So try the impressive kissing techniques in order and watch their reactions. For example, if he likes you to use your language, go ahead; but if uncomfortable use a different technique. Suck on your partner’s upper lip while gently biting their lower lip. At this time, touch the ears, neck or chest with your hands. One of the pleasure points of men is the neck, make sure to kiss this area.

9. Make the finale of the kiss with your tongue

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Wet your tongue slightly and move your tongue around your partner’s lips with soft movements, and then insert your tongue into and out of his mouth. You can keep your tongue in for a while and make light movements.

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