The new trend in bridal flowers: Bohemian

The most important accessory of a bride-to-be is the bridal bouquet . Even though your wedding dress is beautiful and suitable for your style, your bridal bouquet will complement your elegance.


Although bridal bouquets made of artificial flowers have left their mark on a period, bridal bouquets designed from fresh or dried flowers have become popular in recent years.

Options for the bridal bouquet that suits you…

1- Do you like pastel colors? If your wedding dress is suitable, bouquets, which are indispensable for romantic weddings, will be the most suitable for you. At the same time, pastel tones become an ideal choice for winter weddings.


2- Do you prefer a lively, vibrant and sparkling wedding dress? Then your flowers should enlighten you as much as your wedding dress. A bouquet of live flowers will complement your wedding dress.


3- Do you want to be a colorful and free bride? Of course, your bridal bouquets can also consist of dried colorful flowers. Moreover, using every tone in the bouquet will allow you to reflect your personality.


4- Do you prefer Bohemian fashion of 2018? Bridal bouquets, the expression of freedom and naturalness, blending vintage and gipsy styles as well as your wedding concept and bridal gown are just for you. Bouquets that combine the old and the new and reflect the bohemian style with their colors and tones will take you out of the ordinary.

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