The reason why tall men like petite women is a sense of protection!

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It is no longer surprising that we often see petite type women next to tall men. But why do tall men like petite women? Here’s why men like shorter women instead of taller ones!

petite youth

No matter how old they are, petite women look at least 5 years younger than they are. This makes them attractive in the eyes of tall men.

sense of protection

We can say that petite women appeal to the ego of men. Men feel their protective nature and their desire to feel strong more with petite women.

Worry about heels

‘Would he be taller than me if he wore high heels?’ They don’t let their fear live on men.

Hair and skin color don’t matter

Petite women eliminate the difference in hair and skin color. Their most distinctive feature is that they are petite. For this reason, men use their preferences in favor of petite women.

Hugs are perfect

Short girls make men feel like they are looking after them, hugging and embracing them. This is a feature that attracts men.

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