The rules of being coquettish pass through these secrets!

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It is not difficult at all to be a loved and loved woman. Coquettish women are always ahead of men and they have become popular, they manage to attract attention in every environment and draw attention to themselves. She doesn’t resent this when the man in her life isn’t there for the moment or is too busy to spare time for her, because she has other preoccupations to keep her busy. So how do you become a coquettish woman? Here are the secrets of being a coquettish woman…

Be mysterious!

She knows well that sometimes she has to leave a man in suspense. He can’t meet her every night because he has other things to do. She does not prefer to turn into a virtual lover by sending long messages to her mobile phone. The man should miss her fondly.

Impressive looks!

The eyes confess everything. The important thing is to use them correctly. First, let go of timid, waiting, admiring glances. No man can resist brave looks. If you throw a look into the eyes of the man next to you that will show that you want him, no person can stand it.

Take care of yourself!

She has passions beyond the man in her life. Hobbies, friends, work or family are just as important to him as the love he has. However, none of them are so well-balanced that they do not get ahead of the other.

Use your sweet tongue!

It is the weak point of men, there is no person you can’t sweet-talk, nothing you can’t get hold of. You don’t necessarily start your sentences with words like “dear, honey, darling”?

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