The secret of the relationship that will go to marriage: Cool posture

The age of consumption we live in brings competition with time and the feeling of insatiability. Any situation we live in with the ‘next’ consciousness does not bring permanent results. The secret of the relationship leading to marriage is in peace. Therefore, do not get caught up in the excitement of love and skip the recognition process. Take steps by thinking well of your essentials in a marriage. Do not forget that instant decisions, quick steps will put us in an unsuccessful union. Here are the “calm” love tips that are the secret of the relationship that will lead you to marriage..

mutlu iliskinin sirlari evlilik dusuncesi

One of our most innocent dreams is to find that person with whom we will be together for a lifetime. ” to find. Undoubtedly, we would like to take this step that will bring a different order to our lives with a sense of trust. Processes such as knowing the person we will choose as a life partner, understanding their habits and weighing how suitable we are for each other enable us to take conscious steps in marriage and make healthy decisions. Getting caught up in the excitement of love at the beginning and skipping the recognition process puts us in an unsuccessful union to a large extent. Moreover, while the age of consumption we live in brings with it the feeling of competition with time and insatiability, the relationships we live with the consciousness of “next” also distract us from permanent results. In this new world, where we still feel the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, and where we experience the change of our habits and preferences, we tend to be more sincere, real and natural, the new trend in relationships is “Calm Love”.

‘Calm Love’ says live to the fullest

Relationships where everything is consumed so quickly are approaching their expiration date. As we get caught up in the pace of our lives, we can’t question how strong the bonds we form are, but romantic love can be triggered quickly. Deep feelings take time to form. “Calm love”, which is the secret of a relationship that will lead to marriage, has completely different dynamics. Spending time with your partner, learning about his feelings, saving memories are some of them. For this reason, it is one of the most important points to create long-term lasting bonds, giving time to have a serious relationship with and get to know the person in front of you.

Our belief in love is renewed

When you start a new relationship, the image of “I’m serious”, “I want a serious relationship” that you give to the other party makes our partner approach us with that intention. In a relationship that has been started, the other party allows you to get to know him more.The anxiety and uncertainty at the beginning of every relationship when you are in the recognition process gradually leaves its place to a feeling of trust.Although physical appearance is important, in a long-term relationship, the person in front of us is an Angelina Jolie or even Brad Pitt, at the end of the day, physical features are replaced by the need for a clean heart, as we see the same person every day. In long-term relationships, we are more concerned with the heart than the outward appearance of the other person. Does he care for us, how does he react to problems, does he accept us with our shortcomings; we Are we trying to understand it…

In a relationship, our partner is mutually the deepest We bring out our feelings. As we get to know our partner, the temporary state of liking surrenders to the permanent love.

We say sure “yes”

As we mentioned at the beginning, the physical appearance, which is at the forefront at the beginning of the relationship, becomes unimportant over time. Because we choose our life partner not by saying “to my height”, but by saying “for my temperament”. To give an example, it is much more important to be able to share all our secrets with the person we have decided to share our life with, to face difficulties together, to smile at happy moments together, to be happy for each other in the face of successes and to be proud. We want to make sure that the person in front of us can support us in every way, and that there is someone who will be there for us in good and bad times. When we unite our lives with someone whose temperament we know, all the pieces fall into place and we can take our first steps on the path of marriage by being sure of ourselves and our partner. In this sense, “calm love” teaches us to be cautious, while reducing the risk of a married life full of nasty surprises. For all these reasons, when starting a relationship, it is one of the most important issues not to refrain from having a relationship and holding his hand, but also to take advantage of all the opportunities to get to know the person in front of us, to channel him completely, and to share daily life.

Relationship Special Mode

Hawaya Global Brand Director Ezgi Ceren Işık, in both global and local researches of Match Group, that with the Covid-19 epidemic, relations are more intimate and more intimate. He states that it has moved to a structure that is realistic and takes longer to get to know.

Işık, ”Couples now want to understand each other better, have a more solid, reliable and calmer relationship. With the “Private mode” option available on our platform, we allow matched people to give each other their full attention, have deeper conversations and get to know each other better. With the private mode option, users cannot communicate with anyone other than the person they are matched with. We even do identity verification to prevent fake profiles from being created with the “selfie verification” system on our platform. We are happy to bring everyone with serious intentions safely together on our marriage-oriented serious relationship platform, which is the most downloaded in the relationship app category in Turkey.”

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