The secret to a healthy relationship is to accept your differences!

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There are some behaviors and thoughts that both sides should pay attention to in order to maintain long-term relationships and create the foundations of a healthy relationship. In order for the relations between men and women to progress in a healthy way, first of all ” In order to keep the relationship healthy, couples should respect each other’s differences, not compete and compromise in the common future. ” said. Specialist Psychologist Selin Karabulut made 6 suggestions for a healthy relationship.

Specialist Psychologist Selin Karabulut from Anadolu Health Center says that a healthy relationship is a relationship where both parties are happy and peaceful, their needs such as love, being loved, supported, appreciated, social and sexual needs are met, and they can be “us” without losing their own self. “The relationship first requires two healthy individuals, then love, respect and tolerance will come naturally. Even if there are disagreements, since such a relationship is built on the foundations of love and respect, the ability of the parties to cope with existing problems more easily develops. Karabulut listed his healthy relationship suggestions as follows:

1) Accept Their Differences!

We are all different and we are rich in our differences. Moving forward in a relationship by accepting this from the beginning, giving space to our differences both strengthens the relationship and makes it last long.

2) Don’t Compete By Comparing Each Other!

Do not listen to statements such as “the woman at home, the man outside”. Every relationship is unique and of course, who is dominant where and who is dominant may not necessarily be dominant. But the wrong thing is to turn it into a race. The relationship should never turn into a race and war. The important thing is to reach a common point and reach a compromise at the end of the day. Remember, relationship is a process to be enjoyed.

3) Can You Meet Your Expectations?

The basic expectations of both parties in a relationship are the same; love and respect. “ Women want love more, men want respect It wouldn’t be right to think “. Everyone has the same expectations. Conflicts begin when these expectations are not adequately met.

4) Joint Planning and Build the Future!

A healthy relationship should also have a shared future. It could be one year from now or 30 years from now. For example, having a child should be in the common future of both parties, that is, if this is the common expectations and aspirations of the people. At this point, couples should not act with the pressures of “we want grandchildren” from families.

5) Don’t Forget Your Sex Life!

One of the indicators of a good relationship is a good sex life. Because the emotional problems we experience also affect our sexuality and this is reflected in the relationship. We hear a lot of clichés such as “sexual life ends or decreases when you get married”. It is important to listen to our own needs instead of approaching with these presuppositions. Of course, priorities that can change over time may not bring sexuality to the fore. The important thing is whether the couples are happy with this situation and if there is a problem, they focus on solving it.

6) Create Opportunity for Yourself!

The best way to keep love alive is to create opportunities for ourselves. We should create opportunities to spare time for ourselves, to express our love, to keep the feelings of the other person alive. Remember that love is not a known, but felt emotion.

Beware of 3 Big Mistakes in Relationships!

Not talk; One of the most common mistakes between couples is that when there is a problem, neither side talks about it. Behaviors aimed at making hints or making the other party understand rather than talking are frequently seen. However, the solution is simple; contact…

to be complacent; Another mistake is to think that everything is over after marriage and do not get complacent. The general perception that marriage brings the relationship to the top, puts the relationship into a routine starting from marriage. Couples thus begin to have a monotonous relationship.

Not being able to balance between roles; When couples give birth to a child, they sometimes continue their lives as just parents. This means: They can forget that they are men and women. Of course, when we become children, we will gain new identities, but the ideal is to maintain the relationship by making balanced transitions between the roles brought by these identities.

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