There is an easy way to find the right person!

There is an easy way to find the right person for you and live your dream love! Thanks to the dating application, you can meet the person most suitable for you.

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Asking multiple choice questions to match members OkCupid contains interesting data about Turkish users. In this way, your suitability with the answers given by the other person is determined.

Although it is thought that technology is increasingly isolating individuals, the solution to this is still technology. America-based dating application OkCupid is one of the applications that makes a difference in competition and has become very common in the world.

, which is growing rapidly in Turkey OkCupid appeals to a more elite audience than other applications. Its motto is “match on what matters” OkCupid is completely free. In the application, users are asked dozens of questions and a special algorithm ensures that they are matched with the right person.

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Gives importance to having fun and laughing together

The world’s leading America-based dating app OkCupid shared data about Turkish users’ perspectives on the relationship. According to these data, the sense of humor is one of the most important issues for Turks in their relationship. While 99 percent of the users emphasized that their spouse’s sense of humor is “important”, 77 percent pointed out that their sense of humor is “very important”.

Turks want to have serious relationships

On the other hand 72 percent of OkCupid’s users say “relationship is in a serious state” She stated that she was not afraid to make a commitment when she got it, that is, she wanted a serious relationship. While the rate of those who want a serious relationship is 74 percent for men, this rate drops to 69 percent for women.

They want to keep their bank accounts separate

When asked if users want to have joint bank accounts with their spouses, 75 percent say they want separate accounts. While this rate is 85 for women, 71 percent for men. These findings show that women attach importance to financial independence.

Preferred according to interest in football

Only 39 percent of users are asked to answer the question “How would you meet your spouse’s interest in football, would you go to or watch a game with him?” Then, 61 percent answered no. Football plays a divisive role between spouses.

Horoscope compatibility is not taken into account

Contrary to popular belief, astrology is not a determining factor in a relationship for Turkish users. 66 percent of users state that zodiac signs are not important in their relationships. On the other hand, when asked whether you want the person to be with a simple or complex personality, 60 percent of the users answer as simple.

OkCupid, one of the applications of Match Group, uses a special algorithm for matching. OkCupid, whose motto is “Match on what matters”, asks users a lot of questions to find the right person.

One of the social activities done with the spouse is watching TV Show. While 62 percent of users spend time with their spouse, they enjoy watching TV Shows the most.

Families’ agreement is very important for women

OkCupid users, 35 percent say they don’t want a child, 60 percent or two children are enough, and 6 percent say that there may be 3-4 children.

On the other hand, the agreement of families in a relationship or marriage is of great importance for Turks. 51 percent of the participants think that their spouses must get along well with their families. While this rate is 61 percent for women, it drops to 48 percent for men.

There is an expectation of equality in housework

Moreover, 81 percent of the participants do not agree with the opinion that “the head of the family is male”. 94 percent think that women and men should do housework such as cooking and cleaning together.

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Divorced or may have children

When the respondents were asked how their partner’s divorce or having a child would affect the relationship, 61 percent of the participants It is not a problem for their partner to be divorced and 54 percent to have children.

Long distance relations are not a problem for Turks. 40 percent of the participants think that the relationship can be continued by living in different cities.

Education and agreement with family is a must

Education is also an important element in user criteria. 70 percent of the participants say that the person they are with should continue to receive training for their personal development.

blankMatch Group’s implementations OkCupid uses a special algorithm for matching. With the motto “Match on what matters” OkCupid asks a lot of questions for users to find the right person.

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