Things to consider when kissing

If you want to kiss well, you should never rush it. Try placing small kisses right on the corner of your partner’s lip to slowly move forward. This move will blow him away, and of course you, with pleasure. It will be an unforgettable experience for both of you if you consider what you need to pay attention to.

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  1. Bad breath

Before kissing should make sure that your mouth does not smell bad. If you think your mouth smells bad, you can overcome the problem with a mint gum or candy. If you are at home, it will be enough to brush your teeth immediately.

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  1. Mouth shape

When kissing someone for the first time , it is very difficult to start kissing with your mouth closed. is important. Take it slow even if you have 1 – 2 minutes. A kiss in a hurry is hardly remembered.

  1. French kiss

Opening your mouth wide will be a bad sight for your partner. Kissing by slightly opening your lips, making your partner accept the tip of your tongue while kissing and of course accepting the tip of your tongue will sweeten the kiss.

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  1. Tooth

It is important to pay attention to the teeth in a French kiss. In this kissing technique, it is necessary not to highlight the teeth too much.

  1. Eyes

Closing your eyes during a heartfelt kiss and letting yourself go with the flow is an act you do unconsciously. It gives your partner the message that you are living this moment by feeling it. Keeping your eyes open while kissing and eye contact will carry you to different dimensions. You must try it!

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  1. Body language

While the distances between the lips have decreased, light breath sounds are audible and a warm breath is felt. Reaching the opposite side will make the kissing moment even more exciting.

  1. Hands

Rather than holding your hands still during kissing, a gesture such as stroking your partner’s hair, neck, or kissing while holding their face in your palms can increase your excitement. you can increase .

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  • Your feelings

If you want the kiss to be more heated, you can give a sign that you like it when you feel your tongue.

  • Romance

Taking your partner’s lower lip and then upper lip between your lips and sucking it will make you both happy. Deciding the degree of severity of this depends on the emotions you are experiencing at the time.

If you are in a romantic kissing moment, you may prefer to keep the kissing soft. If you feel that you are heading towards a hot sex, you will be giving a message to the other party by increasing your suction power.

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