Those looking for a serious relationship say ‘it’s enough for me’

The difficulties we experience in our daily life and the new world order we have adapted to have also changed our expectations from relationships. Our strict preferences, which we thought we would not compromise while searching for the right person, have now been replaced by the phrase “make me smile, that’s enough for me”. Maybe the time we will spend with our spouse; We want to see it as an escape from our troubles and troubles, a source of joy and peace.

hawaya ciddi iliski uygulamasi

Match Group brands , online dating app for serious relationship seekers Hawaya ; He shared the research data of Match Group with 14 thousand unrelated people in 12 countries, including Turkey, America, Egypt and Indonesia.

According to the research conducted with single people between the ages of 20 and 40 and the number of men and women is equal, singles who want to have a serious relationship in Turkey attach great importance to their ideal partner’s sense of humor.

What do singles in Turkey look for in their potential spouses?

In the Turkey part of the research, “What is the most important feature you look for in your potential spouse?” Singles between the ages of 20 and 40 emphasize that 56 percent of the humorous character structure is important.

3 out of 5 people want to be with people with a sense of humor

According to the research results, 3 out of 5 people looking for a relationship in Turkey want to be with people with a sense of humor . With its high sense of humor, it leaves behind the superiority of physical attractiveness and financial income, occupies a priority place in relationship foundations.

Laughter is the best medicine!

So why are we looking for a mate who can make us laugh? They say “laughter is the best medicine”. Perhaps there is nothing in the world more valuable than sharing a moment of laughter with our loved ones. A good joke can fix even the worst of situations. It can make us forget our troubles and troubles in our daily life. The fact that the person we are with has a good sense of humor makes us happy by drawing us into the magic of the moment.

Character or more important physical attractiveness?

Even though “inner beauty that matters” is seen as a cliché, it proves its accuracy once again. According to the results of the survey conducted with the participation of 500 people in Turkey, where the number of single women and men is equal, 54 percent prefer to have an attractive character, while 49 percent give importance to physical attractiveness.

Getting along well with loved ones

As we lay the foundations for our serious relationship, many of us seek the approval of those we care about. According to the results of the research, although family approval is not in the first place, 43 percent of singles in Turkey prefer their spouse to be approved by their family when choosing the person they want to be with. The “witness” feature that Hawaya offers to its users fulfills this demand. Those who want to get the ideas and opinions of their loved ones at the beginning of the meeting process, thanks to the “witness” feature that Hawaya offers to its users, they can include a trusted friend or family member in the meeting process and get the opportunity to receive feedback and advice from them.

hawaya evlilik cift gelin damat Does income matter?

Contrary to the general perception, monetary issues are not important in the spouse selection of singles living in Turkey. It is observed that people who are not in a relationship do not have concerns such as “Let him earn more money than me, take care of me”. According to the survey results, the number of people who prefer the other party’s income to be higher than theirs is only 16 percent.

Hawaya Global Brand Director Ezgi Ceren Işık; “One of the most important reasons why we rank first in the most downloaded applications in the relationship application category in Turkey is the research we regularly conduct both internationally and in Turkey. These studies enable us to examine in detail the preferences of those who are looking for a serious relationship on the way to marriage. Thus, the diversity and diversity of the features we create within the application enable our users to choose us.” said.

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