Those waiting for those who want to progress on the path of marriage in 2021

We are leaving behind a difficult year in which we were driven to make radical changes in our lives. In the new world where we have changed our habits and preferences, we should not expect the dynamism in the unions we were used to in the past to progress in the same way. While even our daily routines have adapted throughout the year, the dynamics in our relationships will also differ in the new year. So, what should we pay attention to when we are preparing to carry out our serious relationships with more confident steps and to establish our lifelong partnership with our partner, whom we believe to be the right person?

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Which attitudes of individuals who want to progress on the path of marriage in 2021 come to the fore in their relationships? Offering the opportunity to find a partner for users with “serious intentions”, Hawaya replied.

Aware listener

You spend a significant part of your daily life with your partner and you share
with each other. So, are you really listening to the person next to you?
The very foundation of a healthy relationship is to pay attention to the other person, to listen mindfully, and to be actively involved in the process of understanding him
. Mindful listening also allows us to understand the feelings of the other person
that are difficult to express in words. According to communication experts
, it is very important that we give certain reactions during communication that will show that we are listening. Things like appreciation,
summarizing, asking questions also play a key role in reflecting that we are an aware listener to our partner

Hawaya, an online dating application that is the most downloaded in the category of relationship application in Turkey and brings together those looking for a serious marriage-oriented relationship
, also provides its users with the opportunity to give their full attention to each other
and at the same time. It provides the opportunity to chat with other users
where they take a break from communication. With the ‘Special Mode’ option specific to the application
, you can take your conversation to the next level
with the person who appeals to you the most among your matches.

Mutual recognition

“You are mine, I am yours”; perspective is one of the factors that locks the relationship and does not allow to take it to the next level
. It is even more important for individuals who are in a relationship to determine the boundaries of commitment
and freedom well, especially as we leave behind a difficult year in which we are in conflict with ourselves and have to go out of our habits
. It is very important for a serious relationship not to turn into a field of conviction
, especially for each individual to maintain their relationship as himself/herself, for the healthy progress of the relationship
. Relationship experts; To those who want to move forward on the way of marriage
with the right steps in the new year, “Spend a lot of time together, but do not be together all the time. Taking time for yourself
feeds the relationship.” gives advice.

Developing a common hobby

In this period when we make radical decisions for the new year and set goals, you can add to your list to acquire a hobby that you can develop together with your partner
. You can create areas of common pleasure
and developing them can rejuvenate the dynamic of your relationship, allowing you to move forward confidently to the next stage

evlenmek icin dogru kisiyi bulma hawaya

Psychological studies reveal that the relationships of couples who do not have common pleasures do not last long. Developing hobbies for two people that you can do together is actually easier than you think. You can play games for two such as chess, backgammon or word games, and you can try hobbies that will feed your artistic side, such as model making or ceramics. The important thing is that you will be dealing with something together. You can easily turn cycling, jogging and exercising together into enjoyable partnerships.

Users of the Hawaya application, which gives you the opportunity to match with people with whom you have common hobbies in your partner selections, have the opportunity to see the activities and hobbies they are interested in in the profiles of their potential matches. In this way, matched couples have common interests and at the same time have the chance to spend their time with similar hobbies that they enjoy.

Behaving well

We must not forget that relationships require mutual effort. If you simply expect the other party to care and respect you
, your relationship progress may be hampered.
Instead of constantly having an expectation from the other party, you take action and display your well-intentioned attitude
. For example, do not wait for a special day to receive a gift. By buying him a gift
; You may have had the opportunity to show that you know what your partner likes, how well you know them, and that you care

Not getting caught up in the habits of the digital world

Being intertwined with the digital world when your focus of attention should only be on the opposite side
seriously damages the relationship. Although it is very difficult to stay away from technology in the new
world, where some of us have become an inseparable whole with the digital world, by constantly checking
e-mails, messages, news on the phone without realizing it; We are attracted to the technological opportunities

next to us, and we steal the quality time that should be devoted to serious relationships. Whereas
it is possible to spend more quality time with your partner. For example, you can specify “hang up
hours” together. You can put your phone in airplane mode and enjoy the time you spend focused only on the person in front of you, without the influence of external factors

The users of Hawaya
, a serious relationship application on the way to marriage, which supports all these good suggestions, look when they want to get married?

Hawaya, 50% of her users in her research, “When do you want to get married
?” While stating the question as soon as possible, 35% of them answer within 1-2 years

Hawaya Global Brand Director Ezgi Ceren Işık talks about the opportunities they offer to individuals
who want to progress on the path of marriage.

ezgi ceren isik“We offer our users a reliable environment where they can make healthy choices. Beyond meeting the right person, it is very important for us that the relationship is transformed into a sustainable and healthy relationship. We are also very happy that 10 thousand of our 3 million members have removed the application from their phones by saying ‘I found love in Hawaya’ and have found their partners. We are constantly adding innovations to the Hawaya platform by observing the new world order and the changing expectations of people.”

Information about the application, which can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Stores, can also be obtained from

Android phone and to download on tablets

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