Top 4 mistakes made on a first date

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First dates are a harbinger of whether the relationship will continue or not. It is an important process for both parties, from the conversation at dinner to the goodbye kiss on the way back. Women who want to be perfectly prepared for this first date can sometimes neglect the real thoughts and expectations of men during the date, without thinking about what dress to wear. Here are some tips to impress men…

DON’T BE RUDE: R If the waitress serving at the restaurant insists your food is undercooked or delivers your orders incorrectly, you should ignore it out of respect for the man next to you. In the face of this attitude that can cause everyone to get angry under normal conditions, stay calm and have a mature attitude.

STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR LIFE: Like everyone else, there may be some things that go wrong in your life. However, it is a good idea to set this fact aside on your first date. “I’m constantly working, I’m very busy”or “I don’t go out with guys very often”sentences like , “I am a pessimistic and boring person. My life is going very badly and I have pinned my hopes on you to fix my life”will be perceived as

DON’T FORGET TO THANK: Regardless of the reason, you should not forget to thank the man who invited you to dinner on the first date. Even offering to pay or share the bill isn’t exactly a thank you. It would be best if you offer to contribute to the account and thank him when he politely declines you.

IF YOU TALK ABOUT SEX…On your first date “I won’t have sex with my boyfriend until after a few months” Making a statement like this shows that you don’t compromise your principles on your part, but this is a big relationship mistake. Because men perceive this as an accusation against them rather than sincerity. Do not be in a hurry to express yourself correctly. Wait for him to bring up such topics and talk about your principles with all your self-confidence at that time.

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