Use himalayan salt for a stress-free sleep!

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It is possible to have a stress-free sleep by making minor changes in our bedroom to easily relieve the problems we experience while in the hustle and bustle of life, the stress and fatigue we encounter with the benefits of business life. Here are some decoration suggestions for a stress-free sleep!

End the clutter

For a better sleep in your bedroom, your priority should be to remove clutter. Customize your bedroom for rest and relaxation. Do not forget to take out the unnecessary technological devices in your room, especially when it’s time to sleep.

Choose comfortable and quality beds

You can invest in a good mattress for stress-free and better sleep. Take care to choose mattresses that are sustainable and do not contain toxic chemicals.

Keep a himalayan salt lamp in your room

Himalayan salt lamps can create a soothing ambient light for sleep. You can put your lamp on your nightstand and enjoy a stress-free sleep.

Benefit from aromatic scents

Don’t forget to spray aromatic scents on your face, pillow or room before you go to bed. For example; Mix five drops of lavender essential oil and five drops of chamomile essential oil into a glass of mineral water and pour into a spray bottle.

Use an analog alarm clock

We mentioned that you have to leave the technological devices in another room while falling asleep. Among these technological devices, of course, we also have our phones. In this case, you can use an analog alarm clock to replace the telephone. Since the blue light emitted from our phones causes sleep disturbance, an analog clock you will use will brighten you and wake you up early.

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