valentine’s day gift suggestions

c38b62a3 3115 46bc aa61 e69a8d6f28ef 3c01fc92 0976 4f03 be16 c5039db813ff Heart Keychain, 259 TL VAKKO

Everyone has a key! Car key, house key or the key that unlocks your heart! You can gift this keychain to your best friend or mother so that they will always remember you.

3adaa9cd 9f14 489d 94a0 4cc71aca5b61 a3ebef4d c9fc 4d9b b008 4bc5565304d0 Jordan Aerospace 720, 1,299.90 TL NIKE

Your basketball fan lover or spouse will not be able to hide their happiness in front of this unique gift. The latest product of Michael Jordan’s brand Jordan and Nike’s long-standing collaboration, this sneaker is both a great gift and a collector’s item!

03270a03 1974 40c7 8647 c24d582ed08a f37852cb 803e 4182 af85 cf209065df3e Liftactiv Collagen Specialist, 350 TL VICHY

With the right skin care , it is possible to shine on Valentine’s Day! Offering powerful and effective formulas consisting of natural ingredients for a healthy glowing skin appearance, Vichy offers many suggestions to those who want a well-groomed and natural look on February 14th, the day of love! One of them is Liftactiv Collagen Specialist, which reduces the appearance of signs of aging, skin inequalities and blemishes caused by the loss of collagen in the skin.

7ab928d7 8c00 4f46 b32a 314f2da5a7e0 5da5bbde f4cd 43ce a79e 7f26c6788f42 T-Wave Bicolour, TISSOT

Life is full of coincidences, the most important thing is to find true love in these encounters. For Valentine’s Day, Tissot offers a unique watch to express your love for the woman in your heart: T-Wave Bicolour. On Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, T-Wave makes every second of your loved one even more special with its elegant lines, elegant silhouette and mother-of-pearl.

01cfc656 4630 4d58 87c4 872145efe042 61f4dd9a 8dae 4038 b12b 08b06cf42dbe Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss, 150 TL BOBBI BROWN

With Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss, moisture-saturated lips meet the smoothest form of gloss. Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss perfects the natural look of your lips with its plumping texture and attractive color tones with glass shine. Thanks to its special formula, it never sticks and leaves no feeling of weight.

c3870e5d be2c 430d bce3 ff61d73fcb21 33ab0edc fe17 45d6 b0a6 58a62ad194b8 Pen and Keychain Set, 179.99 TL SARAR

When you have difficulty choosing a gift, the ideal gift can be a set! This set, which is useful for your lover or spouse, draws attention with its stylish pen and key chain design.

a674d22b 3a59 4b5f b9f4 c2a291a9c7f1 71a214fa dafe 4136 a8c3 b8552de83071 Gym Bag Heroes Skin Care and Makeup Set, 149 TL CLINIQUE

Ideal for women who turn sports into a lifestyle, this make-up and care set moisturizes and renews the skin after sports. This set, which provides a smoother skin appearance, strengthens and balances skin barriers. This set, which is resistant to sweating and humidity after sports, is very useful for women who do not leave the gym!

f4a09880 fd49 4ff2 83af 0acb2c7c2654 0913f94f c854 4ad1 9fc8 56ac0a252510 Bomber Jacket, $552.44 PUMA X ADRIANA LIMA

This bomber jacket, which will be loved by women who do not leave the gym and who are fond of athletic style, is one of the favorite pieces of the special collection designed by Adriana Lima with Puma.

0a21d976 801e 4fec b90e 3a3f18da654b 200cfa85 d3ca 45e1 8217 b9e6205ddc92 Stone Rose Gold Plated Underwear Accessory, 289 TL LAYLA BRALERLY

Inspired by the inspiration of “Everything starts with a heartbeat”, layla bralery offers options with personalized letters, evil eye beads, stones and pearls in the “heartbeat” series designed in the shape of a heart. Designed as gold plated on gold and 925 sterling silver, the bralery can be customized according to the user’s request. The special backing of the products ensures that they can be used safely on underwear products such as bras, chemises, babydolls and sports bras. For men who want to make their lover feel unique on Valentine’s Day… For women who want to feel stylish and elegant…

b2a22156 313f 4bb0 956d b42dc0c8dd65 3e3a16ee b955 4053 bb96 902659fd8b04 Horizon Boite Headphones, LOUIS VUITTON

Louis Vuitton, which has prepared a special selection for Valentine’s Day, offers a different gift option with Horizon Boite Headphones. With this earphone, which is a useful and stylish gift with its design and sound quality, it will always remember you while listening to your favorite songs.

7cbcfa42 e513 4eee 89ea 51c530c5de7d 54313fe3 3a59 4986 9191 19285fcef147 Faux Wool Coat, 895 TL NOCTURNE

A stylish coat is always a great gift option! When away from loved ones in cold weather, he may need a warm coat instead of your arms! This wool coat is designed to be the star item in the wardrobe of stylish women.

0f49e3e4 c915 43d2 be8d 36c0faa5d684 f000af2a 2a24 47e9 9105 fafd28dc3123 Eros Flame Men’s Perfume Set, 647.10 TL VERSACE

From time to time you may need the help of the arrows of Cupid Eros. On the most passionate and romantic day of the year, the arrows of Eros are in this perfume set! In addition to perfume, which is indispensable for men, this set, which includes a care bag, will be a useful and meaningful gift.

dadbb8a8 557b 43ca 9480 2f711064b556 2da4c77e 1dd5 40d8 91d5 12f76f7e1962 Body, 419 TL IVY PARK

A piece from the new Ivy Park collection is the best way to please the woman in your life who has always expressed her admiration for Beyonce. The Ivy Park and Adidas collection , which created an explosion effect in the fashion world from the moment it was put on sale , is a great gift for women who follow the latest trends.

99576f9f 3faa 4ada bfe1 40fd002c95f4 3301c2fe 43c1 475d a372 58cedeff141a Moisturizing Illuminator, 400 TL LA MER

Illuminating.+Healing. Energetic+transmitter. The new Hydrating Illuminator with energizing Miracle Elixir and Linden Concentrate illuminates and rejuvenates skin from the inside out. Reflective Particles in its content are designed to give the skin an instant and permanent glow. The active mixture obtained from the sea in its content helps the skin to have an instantly plump appearance, while at the same time it moisturizes the skin and improves it and provides nourishment to the skin.

49386521 a0f3 48f6 897f 7ad0d4f63c53 d2651edd 70dd 453b 9ebd 71ce106c25fd Colorful Life Red Speaker, 1,250 TL ACOUSTIBOX

Is your lover nostalgic? Combining both retro passion and cutting-edge technology, this turntable-style speaker is a great option to listen to your favorite tunes together. You can listen to love songs at the last sound on this loudspeaker, which is in harmony with the concept of Valentine’s Day with its red design.

4c6b91b8 3691 42ea 8bda 848ad8b5efed 51f31686 bb20 459f bf81 ada885b7631d Love Me Lipstick, 105 TL MAC COSMETICS

MAC is here with a brand new lip collection: Patent Paint Lip Lacquer. Liquid lipsticks with vivid colors and 3-dimensional reflection bring colorful and shiny lips to the fore with their non-adhesive formula. Experience red lips, which are indispensable for Valentine’s Day make-up, with these lipsticks!

7ee603ac 54f7 44d5 99e7 2921d2c3b795 7f17d81d 2404 4d32 a7fc e0bb957a1b33 Rainbow Color Transition Heart Form Earrings, 58 TL TWIST

Love knows no bounds! Hearts, which have become an indispensable symbol of Valentine’s Day, meet in this colorful earring. If you want to give a meaningful gift to the woman who adds color to your life, you can turn to these rainbow-toned earrings.

155788ad 6469 43e6 ae74 9b10482701ac 5606a53b 041d 4eda 974a dad731c473bc Huile Prodigieuse Florale Body Butter, 165 TL NUXE

NUXE offers the Body and Instamasque series. Collecting all the needs of your body in a single series, NUXE prepares your body for Valentine’s Day with cellulite removal creams, purifying body peeling and 24-hour moisturizing body milk.

24321684 8084 4e24 bcef a1b774c7175d e8dce864 f5ac 441f b872 d45483370287 Red Heart Shaped Sunglasses, 2,949 TL SAINT LAURENT

Hearts, the symbol of Valentine’s Day, are also among the trends that fashion does not give up. The heart patterns that have surrounded us lately meet in Saint Laurent’s retro style glasses. You can gift this heart-shaped sunglasses for the woman you look at with love to see through your eyes.

fa28d4b4 dcd5 44f4 bf80 836659eb93a7 156fc89d 0b8f 4128 8dd8 8a767f3ce2e6 Je Taime Written Bracelet, DIOR

Dior presents the Dior Joaillerie jewelery collection as well as special Dioramour bags among its Valentine’s Day selection. You can choose this French ‘Je Taime’ meaning ‘I Love You’ bracelet to declare your love in any language.

fd57e003 0ed1 4e6f 9f12 bdf614c9dede 6dd103ac 8e4a 4509 b37f 7c2af20dd4d0

Star Wars Sweatshirts, 149.99 TL BLUE

Mavi’s sweatshirts are a great gift option for couples who like to dress in harmony. For Star Wars lover lovers, Star Wars sweatshirts in the same color are perfect for lovers who make a difference with their style…

6f122194 f562 4ef1 88fa 6aca35231ba0 7343caee 6223 4081 995d b1b72f31390f Absolue Signature Skin Care Set, 2,950 TL LANCOME

The new Absolue Soft Cream, with its formula enriched with rose extracts, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines. The texture of Absolue Soft Cream moisturizes and illuminates your skin, giving you a Valentine’s Day glow.

0cc55f46 5fcc 450a b938 8a6ca031b7a5 b4e4ad43 f142 4263 bcb6 c11973e51944 Handmade Love Sculpture Workshop Event, HILTON ISTANBUL MASLAK

The ‘Hand Made Love Workshop’, which will be held in cooperation with Hilton Istanbul Maslak and Masterpiece studio, offers you an alternative full of art and passion on February 14, Valentine’s Day. You will turn your love into art while having a pleasant time with your lover during the workshop. Supporting art in many ways, Hilton Istanbul Maslak celebrates Valentine’s Day 2020 with a special concept. While you will spend a pleasant evening with special treats in the sculpture workshop, which appeals to both couples and art lovers, you will have a special memory with your works that will reflect your love. This valuable work that you will prepare with your own hands will be the most meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for both him and you.

46691924 fb25 4243 8697 943bbfa7eeae bc1969fb 58f5 4496 9c8b cb4c3e070158 One and Two Night Valentine’s Day Romantic Vacation Package, RICHMOND NUA

There are many reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa, which was chosen as the “Most Romantic Hotel”! Richmond Nua is a romantic choice to make your love special and spend a different Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Get away from the noise and chaos of the city with your lover and enjoy the romantic moments accompanied by the unique nature of Sapanca and the breathtaking lake view. With massages you can get as a couple, a romantic dinner with live music and Otama Balsam, which produces personal care products that respect nature; The ‘Love Ointment’ workshop, consisting of flowers, leaves and aromatic oils, friendly to the body and soul awaits you.

e0b87d18 7610 4970 b8b0 7f5904a2dd3a a9fa92c8 a976 4004 b72e 78b4c779638e Human Heart Gold Sculpture, €85 SELETTI

You might be bored of heart symbols! But this witty and meaningful sculpture might change your mind! ‘My heart belongs to you!’ You can give your message.

260fb2a0 bc8f 4b50 a4fe f18f6d452e24 080d1649 1cb6 40d8 9be1 025bb14fa063 Pleated and Belted Dress, 939 TL EXQUISE

Regardless of time or place, just decide what you want to look glamorous on this special day. Offering alternatives in different models to those who cannot give up the color of the day red, Exquise is here with all the romance of Valentine’s Day, colors, models and designs animated with details!

30ea1906 e686 40fc a35f c09630e3ed5f 7eaade64 f6f7 4538 8160 839843566bc0 Freesia Maison De L’Amour Candle, €450 GUCCI

A gift suitable for your love nest! ‘Maison De L’Amour’ meaning ‘House of Love’ will be a meaningful and stylish home gift.

c5d674e5 ad8b 40aa 94e9 7f845ca2bc28 4a5d40b4 a9bb 417d 9462 35062b81c06b Collar Detailed Sweatshirt, 399 TL İPEKYOL İ

You can make the woman in your life happy with this stylish sweatshirt on Valentine’s Day, when we can’t give up on red.

0290f9bf ca77 4729 b185 08a55899c919 1d89b3f0 1df8 469f 804d 3b9579cfdec6 Nutritious Pomegranate Starter Set, 299 TL ESTEE LAUDER

Love red meets make-up and care products. This gift, which can be preferred by well-groomed women, is also ideal for Valentine’s Day care routine.

09561cd0 e5dd 46d3 85cf 43e2c0b02c07 cf423e58 7895 4489 93fb cfd1d470b48c Borsa Intrecciato Briefcase, €2,670 BOTTEGA VENETA

This briefcase is a stylish and stylish accessory that men who can’t get their heads up from work will remember you every time they look at it.

0f615091 1205 4fe4 9857 fb10c3607425 f5341be6 7989 416b 9eb6 49a02d1a10f9 Waist Fitted Front Collar Bow Detailed Floral Bakar Dress, 1,950 TL MACHKA

Pinks, the sister of Valentine’s Day red, meet in this dress! This dress, which is suitable for the theme of the day, will make the woman you love very happy.

e155f900 4c1c 4b10 adc8 3485233e783c 7b30b385 bb73 4d1f b00a f5bf30ee3eea Lace Satin Dressing Gown, 199.95 TL OYSHO

On the most passionate and romantic day of the year, this elegant dressing gown will be enough to make the woman you love happy!

7fc9c04e 4e69 465d 940d ad995e5ec55f 681bf4a5 6bfd 48f5 8f31 3b649247e6ba I Heart Special Daily, 55 TL KNOCK KNOCK

You can gift this notebook to your lover by filling it up! This notebook, which contains sentences that you can fill in the blanks such as ‘I love your … features’, is ideal for making a meaningful diary.

0cd3ae4d d1c6 476e 926c aa690547a78e c7803345 794f 4f5d a20a 72e9c1fcc935 Conversation Full of Love Gift Box, 329 TL BENDEN SANA

Two cups with ‘Your’ and ‘Mine’, candle with ‘Love’ and Turkish coffee! Everything you are looking for to enjoy coffee with your lover is here. Get ready for chats full of love!

e39b958c deeb 4cd5 a138 967ef8d888ae 35c41e1b acb2 48b7 8ff5 6336a1c6e3b1 Intarsia Wool and Cashmere Sweater, €750 PRADA

Symbols of love, hearts are everywhere! If you are looking for a symbolic piece for Valentine’s Day 2020, you can always return to February 14, 2020 with this sweater.

b0396529 60ad 40b6 9bc9 2915639bd85a 54801e68 9d68 4e7c ab07 f77bea2c931b Instant Printer Camera, 699 TL D&R

Yes, we record every moment with our loved ones on our phones. However, creating more tangible memories goes through the classical photography method. You will be able to carry your most special moments in your wallet or purse with this camera, which has the ability to instantly print the photos you have taken!

511d9a3f 3e4f 4364 b230 89e619d81636 ba9eb213 3c71 4de2 b163 0abf112214a4 Printed Blanket, £865 ASHISH

If you want to make a difference this Valentine’s Day, you can choose a meaningful and written gift. This blanket with the words “Let me steal your heart and in return I will heal the broken pieces, destroy the pain and make you happy again” will become the most precious part of your lover’s home.

b0b0e15e 5db7 4b47 8019 d4a71d943bf8 9d27a536 cea1 4d05 9b8b 88d8efee27c7 Letters to Milena, 27 TL FRANZ KAFKA

Franz Kafka’s letters to Milena are considered one of the most romantic and important works in the history of literature. Kafka’s letters, which first start with normal correspondence, later turn into passionate love. This book of letters, which is perhaps the most expressive work of Kafka’s feelings, shows the passionate love of Milena Jasenska and Franz Kafka. If you can’t find the words to express your love to your loved one, let Franz Kafka be your translator!

ee1da91f dd6d 4ef6 85e4 63dec37f3731 dddcbe0d f643 4212 a262 fd3397351005 Dangle Heart Earrings, $2,612 ETRO

Huge and dangling crystal earrings are one of the most trendy jewelry of recent times. When a heart is added to the work, this earring becomes indispensable for fashion-loving women on Valentine’s Day!

aa05a18b fae2 4094 bfa1 ffcd72e114bd 0f28743c 2d7a 4aad a87c c6247a4e7862 Book Shaped Clutch, $2,555 OLYMPIA LE-TAN

This humorous gift, which book lovers will love, brings literature and fashion together! Designed in the form of a book, this clutch tells ‘A Love Story’.

10a6a57a 1a14 43e9 a8af 3490df5dd682 ea7f763d 89c1 46b0 9c41 b3e053490ca1 Tied Love Ring, 319 TL PANDORA

The strongest bond in the world can be love! Reflecting this idea, the bonded love ring is a great gift option for Valentine’s Day.

9e4bc978 d9e0 41e7 af08 0b00fca0a5a4 d1b1107b c45f 44db ad99 69ca90c28278 Name Printable Leather Wallet, 379 TL DESA

If you are looking for a gift that is only for your lover, you can turn to this name printable wallet. If you want, you can write your name, your lover or a special promise between you on this wallet.

0f79fa4b e779 4fd0 af49 4b759f507d41 ce75e892 ce6a 43fa a4c2 833cd38f0e78 Princess Collar Mini Dress, 1,850 TL MY BEST FRIENDS

Delight the ‘princess’ of your life with this sophisticated dress!

7bbaaae1 8aea 4a80 a942 0e412adde263 e895fe82 5865 48fa baef 892f3a5a4f3c Diamond Heart Shaped Bracelet, 3,435 TL ATASAY

Bringing hearts and diamonds together, this elegant bracelet will harmonize with the elegance of the woman you love.

9a0ae688 69e9 48d9 8417 a7ae72d78c16 168e2ae9 2917 4180 bc50 b3da23c4a332 Wool Coat, 1,199.99 TL MANGO

Choosing gifts for men is not as difficult as you think! With this classic cut coat that will make stylish men happy, you can present the new indispensable item of your lover’s wardrobe.

c9a4baf4 2931 4c96 94aa 69a83044cffd d3a1e752 f5a5 47e2 a2f8 c611970b697c Diamond Watch and Necklace Set, 12,952 TL

Time stands still when you are with the woman you love! You can choose this special watch and heart necklace set to emphasize the importance of every minute you spend.

b487efe5 2cc0 483c bd57 56ff42701fbc 2bef2fee 604a 4019 b97e 7006458ccd55 Black Flats, 649 TL DIVARESE

Do you want to gift your lover a gift that he can use anywhere? Then you can choose this ballet that is colorful, stylish and practical.

e2de9fbf 0562 4b74 9ef5 0ae22ddac9a0 0c224353 812a 452a a813 1a99a093c57b Stone Phone Case, $479 SWAROVSKI

One of the most favorite gifts of February 14 is jewellery! But in recent years the situation has changed a bit! If there’s one thing people can’t put down, it’s their phones. Combining the sparkle of jewelery with technology, Swarovski offers a wonderful selection of gifts for Valentine’s Day with this heart phone case.

8c5b8168 6b3e 45a5 9d11 80d5b84a2981 a7e17302 6697 4178 b06a 430cf3494b7c Heart and Letter Pajamas Set, 129 TL H&M

On Valentine’s Day we see nothing but hearts! On this day full of love, how about gifting your lover a cute and hearty pajama set?

e9e52458 96fe 438c 876f d3ce65662189 4ad4353b 4fb6 44ed ba39 578dfd5f7f32 Brown Travel Bag, 717 TL NETWORK

Is your partner constantly on business trips? With this stylish and classic travel bag, you can be with your loved one wherever he goes.

7e03be79 66b8 40c5 857a 3a3193695937 5a3b1d94 b686 470b 9499 cdfb4a2296bd Si Passione Set, 870 TL GIORGIO ARMANI

On Valentine’s Day, the most passionate day of the year, you can make the woman you love happy with this passionate perfume set.

fe6a29b2 fdd2 4016 8de9 abb03cf3cffd 28585701 c5a4 45e2 83cc 0a1754c2a5be Leather Crocodile Patterned Shoes, 519.99 TL DERİMOD

Another gift that men who carefully choose everything they wear will love it! Classic but also original, these loafers will make a difference in your lover’s office elegance.

149123b9 aa8a 47a3 a770 efbcf752fffa 7d7ff6d0 4222 4fb2 b3ba e57955c913cd Essentials Set for Men, 4,453.18 TL MONTBLANC

This gift set that workaholic men will love has everything they need! This set, which includes products such as cufflinks, card holders, and pens, will suit your lover’s office desk very well.

50adbe80 79fc 456f b0bb e4d8fca34f53 5ec49066 bcf3 435b 8a64 8642f6dc1ba3 Race Car Cufflink, €405 DEAKIN & FRANCIS

Ties, handkerchiefs, watches, perfume sets and cufflinks! You can choose models with different and original motifs on cufflinks, which is one of the favorite accessories of men. Ideal for men who never give up on their inner child, this racing car cufflink is a witty and useful gift option.

c63222c9 cd49 4eab 96cb 15757c29ec1d 8e2e641a 0ceb 4520 915d f1d88a276942 Satin Nightgown, 299.95 TL ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH

This satin nightgown, part of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s collection with Marks & Spencer, will make the most romantic night of the year even more passionate!

de7dcc1b 7057 490e 8c12 25dc44214fd9 35e9829d e7f8 47c9 b556 517b781b4d74 Asymmetrical Long Dress, 199.95 TL ZARA

You can surprise your lover with this dress, which is ideal for the romantic dinner you have planned for Valentine’s Day!

9f0d29d2 390b 4c0d bfac 54576cd29dae 0fe73aff 2f2b 4974 8114 613b3b419516 Claret Red Boots, 799 TL HOTİÇ

The passion that women cannot give up = shoes! If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, we can’t imagine a woman could say no to shoes!

9ba7f8be f00a 402b ba7d 7b43d762471b cc5fd2cd 1d4c 4810 a3d6 1d13eb32a84d 100 Love Poems, 20 TL CEMAL SÜREYA

One of the most important poets of Turkish literature, Cemal Süreya is also one of the indispensable names of popular culture with his love poems. The words of Cemal Süreya, which are constantly shared in the movies, TV series or social media we watch, are perhaps the most beautiful spokesperson of your love that you cannot explain. You can create a special gift by leaving tiny and meaningful notes in this book, which you can gift to your poetry-loving lover!

89fc9fb9 e882 4401 9eba d40f9dc3105b 096c6f56 e128 4620 b6eb 0489a32af5e9 Sports Shoes, 823 TL LOVE MOSCHINO

If you want your loved one to think of you at every step, you can consider this heart motif sneaker as a gift.

15059ab6 fcd9 4e42 83a4 6815d8e14b22 b049573d 76c8 4786 bfef 186bb2257f64 All I Need Love Notebook, 114.50 TL HAPPILY EVER PAPER

‘All we need is love!’ A great gift for those who love to write and take notes, this witty notebook will remember you every time you pick up your favorite pen.

cf6b9383 b032 4700 9957 1fefc801f742 77e56081 1a77 4936 9ee5 961897df1aff Bucketlist Scratchable World Map, $250 AWESOME MAPS

It’s so nice to dream with your lover! If you are an adventurous couple and love to travel, you can add your travels and memories together to this map.

e9e61f40 8ad8 4b15 b469 01f67516642f 0f2b3fd4 f112 41ab abb6 be70011e05a5 Heart Picnic Basket Set, 929.48 TL PICNIC TIME

If you want to prepare an alternative date for Valentine’s Day, a romantic picnic can be a great option. You can prepare a picnic surprise for your lover at home or at the place where you have your first date!

5c2db619 94f7 466e abc6 3be426d84eb4 6cba5250 1096 40ec ac09 4c2d255a272d Heart Porcelain Set of 2 Mugs, 69.50 TL PAŞABAHÇE

A mug set for you and your lover will be the beginning of the most beautiful conversations and coffee pleasures.

7a839025 aa54 47b7 996f 6c49bcbdae62 4e936b2a 2fef 46c9 8e74 c1f6799e8480 Glow Essentials Kit, £130 DR. BARBARA STURM

You may want to look your most well-groomed on Valentine’s Day! This radiant grooming set is a nice gift option for pampering yourself or for the well-groomed women in your life.

e6ea968b 053c 4662 ab11 83ab2fb4206c 46ffe5f8 3902 4ca6 84c1 2bef4f1a0c44 Shaving Set, 989 TL MÜHLE

This retro shaving set, which well-groomed men will love, also serves as a stylish accessory.

2683daae ace3 4f1f 9330 b26ec0617021 58a219ae 35dc 4808 a7af 7e0236933806 24 Hour Magic Skin Kit, £175 CHARLOTTE TILBURY

Prepare your skin for Valentine’s Day! You are ready for the most romantic day of the year with this set that cleanses, renews and brightens your skin!

344d14da 8f37 488e afc5 779c98f0b9bb a1c1848b b613 40f7 97b6 071108d7d00b Love Gift Set, 145 TL Dl & CO

This love gift set with scented diffuser and wishing candle is for making wishes with your lover!

896aed87 5145 4e02 8489 a453886e1909 69dfa46c 3f43 4e90 98ab b730e5572669 Magnifying Glass Set, 349.99 TL MUDO

This gift, which your nostalgia-loving lover will adore, will look very stylish on the office desk or at home.

16bd186a a960 4258 8b0c 23eeed95e2a5 10ad2959 02d6 4374 aeae d35b37ac6c09 Golde The Roman Night Perfume Set, 930 TL BVLGARI

The perfume, which has a dazzling and attractive structure, consists of the scents of jasmine and hyacinth that bloom at night. You can consider this perfume designed for the most romantic night of the year for Valentine’s Day.

6afb6cfd b8a8 451f a747 84da6a4a9db7 b503c7a8 a97c 42c5 b446 3762cd51a5fc Gift Box Full of Love, 94 TL KAHVE DÜ

You can surprise your lover by sending this delicious chocolate and coffee gift box, which you can personalize with a photo, to your workplace or home.

2e83fc4b 5d02 4b9a a2ba aab146c769ca 1c179251 a9f7 4c99 aae0 e2ee37cb2b11 Almond Body Care Set, 635 TL L’OCCITANE

Designed with almond oil, this care set is a gift that will pamper yourself and your loved ones.

b345b051 ad42 4726 a2ec 2f7d34e93b75 70eb1b0a 8091 4467 a02d f2d225a26f4a Heart Key Necklace, $850 TIFFANY & CO.

Do you really want to give the key to your heart to your lover?

f55f5394 fd7d 4672 a8a7 28d03f964889 7a741da8 d4a8 4d41 adee 2c2d37e55106 Game of Thrones House Baratheon Pen, $1,620 MONTEGRAPPA

If your lover is one of the biggest fans of the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, this specially designed pen will make them very happy.

af0f72eb 818c 4b87 971c 30c723c76cb5 448c2c64 a17e 4325 948b 19a1f057ea68 Picture Perfect UFO + Luna Mini 2 Gift Set, $1,999 FOREO

To pamper yourself or your loved ones! Applying a mask while cleansing the skin, this set will prepare you for Valentine’s Day selfies!

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