Valentine’s Day or love day?

About 14 years ago, in 2004, I participated in a February 14 radio show. Because it was Valentine’s Day, they asked about my schedule for the evening. I; The radio host was very surprised when he said, “It’s not Valentine’s Day, it’s love day, we’re going to have dinner at home with a girlfriend I love very much.”

ask iliski sevgili cift yatak seks cinsellik

In today’s world where love is lacking and the concept of love cannot be fully understood, I wish this Valentine’s Day to be the day we take in the energy of love and spread this energy around us.

Our relationship that we are together but we cannot feel whole, as if there will be an earthquake, the road between us will split, the relationship between us will be filled with love and light, the reality of the earthquake will go away, and we will both feel a warm feeling. Let’s try this time. Let’s let our life that we didn’t let go with the flow and turn it into reality.

Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day as the day of feeling love with our spouse, partner, boyfriend, and the day we look at each other with love. May our gift be love. A gift from Nazım Hikmet for those who ask what gift to buy on Valentine’s Day, where to go in the evening. Nazım Hikmet said “It takes a heart to love and effort to maintain it. Love does not mean eating by candlelight or an expensive diamond on the Bosphorus. Love means two happy people in one bite.” he said it very well.

On February 14, a woman who loves herself can buy herself a present and send flowers to her home. I recommend it to those who want to experience the meaning of love and emphasize their self-love. How can a woman or man who does not love himself and who does not contain the energy of love express his love to the other person?

The most important factor in relationships is love. If you can’t give love, you can’t receive it. Look at your partner with love, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day. Have the tone of love in your voice. One cannot fail to notice the timbre in the voice. Even a dog that is likely to be wild in the forest feels that the color in your voice is a reflection of love when you speak and approaches you with love.

Rumi says “love is healing, love is power, love is the magic of change”. Let’s absorb the energy of love, let’s approach our wife, everyone, but first of all, let’s love ourselves. Let’s experience the change. Say what?

Happy Valentine’s day, happy day of love.

st valentine sevgililer gunu kutlamasi What is Valentine’s Day?

The origin of this special day, which is celebrated as Valentine’s Day in many countries every year on February 14, dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. It is thought to have taken its roots from a three-day festival called Luepercalia in Roman times. Because the festival in honor of the Fertility God coincided with the middle of February and this festival heralded the official start of spring.

Another story about Valentine’s Day is when Emperor Claudius II forbade marriage because he believed that married men were bad soldiers, and Saint Valentine secretly married his lovers because he believed that marriage was the purpose of the world.

Claudius, when he learns that St. Valentine violated this prohibition, sentenced him to jail and then death. For this reason, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as Saint Valentine’s Day in Western societies.

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