Valuing and showing appreciation prevents cheating!

Stating that there may be many reasons for the infidelity experienced in some marriages and relationships, experts underline that relationships need constant attention and nourishment in order to develop and be sustainable. Experts recommend that couples value each other and show the appreciation they deserve to avoid cheating. Experts emphasize that it is very important for spouses to spend quality time together and spend time for themselves and their relationships.


Specialist Clinical Psychologist Dilara Aloğlu evaluated the issue of infidelity in some marriages.

Emotional deprivation can be seen

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Dilara Aloğlu stated that cheating can be seen in some marriages and relationships and said, “In relationships where cheating is experienced, one of the parties is in emotional deprivation and there are problems in meeting their needs. It is often seen that one’s own space is not respected, boundaries and areas are not allowed to be created, and one side is constantly in a demanding attitude.” said.

Relationships need attention and nourishment

Noting that relationships need constant attention and nourishment for their development and sustainability, Dilara Aloğlu said, “It is important for people to feel valued and secure on each other. . Individuals who lose themselves in the rush of daily life and neglect their relationships also have difficulty meeting such emotional needs. The fact that the needs that the relationship cannot meet are taken from the outside, may cause someone who shows love and care to become irresistible and lay the groundwork for cheating. warned.

There can be many reasons for cheating

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Dilara Aloğlu said that the following reasons are among other specifically known reasons for cheating:

Spouses The communication problems between them can cause people to invest more in the outside world and gradually move away from their spouses.

Staying in a routine life and relationship may cause one of the partners to get bored of this situation and pursue different excitements.

It can also be cheating in order to take revenge or punish

One of the parties in the relationship may engage in behavior that will hurt or disturb the other. In return, the spouse feels intense anger, resentment and resentment towards his partner, and then may commit an act of cheating in order to take revenge and punish him. The issues that will arouse anger in the relationship may vary from person to person. Some may be cheating because they don’t get enough attention, while others may want to take revenge for being cheated on.

The quality of sexuality is important

One of the most important factors for marital satisfaction, which is also considered in couple therapy, is sexual satisfaction. Dissatisfaction in sexual life can lead both men and women to another partner. The quality of sexual intercourse is as important as its frequency.

These periods can be risky

It is known that pregnancy or postpartum periods are also risky periods. The reason for this is that the man’s sexual needs are rejected by the woman due to some hormonal reasons, or the man does not find his wife sexually attractive, or because he is now a mother, the man may turn to another partner for reasons such as sanctifying him.

Studies show that women who get married before the age of 22 and men who get married before the age of 24 divorce more quickly. In marriages made at an early age, it is often seen that the parties turn to another person because of their age, looking at life and relationships from a different perspective, and not being satisfied enough in the life they live.

It can also be caused by the desire to live a different life

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Dilara Aloğlu stated that cheating may not always be caused by problems in the relationship, and said:

” For example, some age periods called menopause or andropause can also cause deception. If people re-examine their lives during these periods and see that they cannot do most of what they want, they cannot realize their dreams, they may start to make changes in their lives and to live a life different from the one they have lived up to that point. Or, even if there is a perfect relationship, the person may risk losing the person they are with and giving up on them because of unconscious fears and anxieties about attachment. An example of this situation is the leading actor in the movie Issız Adam. We all know that he is a character who quickly moves away from establishing an emotional relationship and when faced with such a situation.”

Problems must be talked about

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Dilara Aloğlu said that being rejected, excluded or ignored by a loved one is a situation that is known to everyone at the biological level and causes universal pain. . Dilara Aloğlu said, “The fact that such situations are not spoken or expressed or the beliefs that they will improve spontaneously or over time only cause the needs to be suppressed and then erupt after a while.” he said.

What can be done to prevent cheating?

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Dilara Aloğlu said, “Based on all these, it is very important for couples to value each other and show the appreciation they deserve, to spend quality time together, to spare time for their relationships and themselves in order to prevent cheating. Healthy communication will thus ensure that expectations are expressed and facilitate their fulfillment.” gave advice.

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