If you think that only your body type affects your attractiveness, you are wrong! Walking affects your attractiveness just as much as your body shape, according to new research from the UK.

University of Portsmouth psychologist Dr.

Ed Morrison’s research compared women’s movements and body shapes. “Slim waist, rounded hips and a slim figure have long been known as the most important factors of female attractiveness, but women’s body movements are also very important in our research,” Morrison said, noting that past research has only been done on photographs. Recent studies have shown that women who walk with small steps are more attractive. Saying that body shape attractiveness varies from culture to culture, Morrison’s research has compared the movements of women by placing sensors on their bodies. By just seeing the sensor movements, the observers rated the attractiveness rate accordingly. While curvy women were found to be more attractive in the findings, Morrison underlined the need for more research on this subject. In these days when female objectification is being tried to be prevented, we recommend that you do not take this research too seriously! In our opinion, the most attractive women are strong and free women… Whether you walk straight or curl, whether you are thin or fishy… Women are always attractive everywhere!.

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