Was it a mistake to leave?

Was it a mistake to leave? It’s been enough time since you broke up, but do you still feel sad like the first day? Are those around you tired of telling you to keep going? Are you even tired of trying and failing to keep going? Maybe it’s all because you made the wrong decision. Of course, every separation is difficult, always a question mark in mind, but somehow we have to learn to look ahead. It’s easy to find a reason not to go back to your ex, but a difficult decision to accept that the breakup was a mistake and come back. But what if the person you left behind is the right person? What if you lost the love of your life out of a spur of the moment anger or resentment? To be sure of this, you need to silence the voices of “go on your way, find someone else, forget it” and listen to yourself. Here are some questions to help you listen to your inner voice…

Was it a mistake to leave?



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Do you miss being in a relationship or not?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when considering your breakup. Is the reason you are unhappy right now because you are alone? Would it make you happy to have someone by your side? Or do you just want your ex? Especially if you have come out of a long relationship, it can be difficult to get used to being alone, to live without what a relationship brings into your life, and often the problems experienced in this transition to loneliness are confused with longing. You need to be sure whether it’s being part of a relationship you really miss or your ex. It may also be helpful for you to try a few dating . If you can have a good time with someone else without thinking about your ex, it’s not so wrong to leave things behind.

How do you remember your relationship?

Even if you broke up by agreement, you may have many reasons for ending your relationship. Your arguments, disagreements, and problems can bring you to the point of separation. Well, when you look back now, do you remember them? Or is your happy days all you can think of? If all you think about is your happy days, then reconciliation is just fooling yourself. Because there is no guarantee that the same problems will not happen again. But if you think about your troubled days and learn lessons, and even miss your worst times, your relationship may deserve another chance.

Do you believe you have a future together?

Yes, love is very important but let’s face it, it’s not enough on its own. You may miss your ex very much, love him very much and think you can’t live without him. But you had many reasons to end your relationship . Now, despite all these reasons, do you believe that you can build a future together? Will you be able to overcome your problems and continue on your way together? Or do you know that the same problems will start again after a few months? If you want to restart your relationship just so you can spend a little more time with it, you have to consider that it will be harder for both of you.

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Is it really the best for you?

Most of us compare everyone we meet to our ex after a breakup. If our anger is great, we try to defeat our ex from this comparison. But if you continue to feel that he is the best, you may have made a mistake somewhere. If you think that despite meeting many people and even trying a new relationship , you still think that he is a special person and that no one can complete you as much as him, this may be the most important sign for you to try again .

Have you had insurmountable problems?

What was the real reason for your separation, what was the underlying reason for your arguments?

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