Everyone has a series that they watch over and over again in their life. Generally, this re-watched drama is ‘Friends’ for everyone! Even today’s generations enjoy watching the series, which started shooting in the nineties! If you feel like a 7th Friends member, you are not alone. We’ve all had Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler as our best friends for a while! The series about the life of this close group of friends in New York was not only enjoyable but also healthy!

Friends, which makes it cool to drink coffee from oversized coffee cups, we never see them go to work, and perhaps the most iconic words in television history, may have created a surreal housemate image. But according to clinical psychologist Marc Hekster, Friends is a method that can be used to reduce anxiety!

“After working with individuals with anxiety for 20 years, I have repeatedly seen shows like Friends and Big Bang Theory work miracles,” says Hekster, adding that anxiety is the alarm system of the human brain. The feeling of anxiety, which indicates that there is a problem, is caused by accumulated and unresolved feelings. If the expression is not found, this alarm system is triggered and causes unpleasant emotional states.

If one day your feeling of anxiety intensifies and you want a quick fix after a tiring day, heed Hekster’s advice! “Watching Friends provides a healing experience. The famous psychologist, who said, “The fact that the characters experiencing anxiety solve their problems and relax in the episode can be beneficial for people with anxiety.” He added, “Each episode deals with complicated problems and these problems are overcome with the friendship relations of the series.”

Fans of the show will remember that in each episode, problems were resolved together. Even though it doesn’t catch your attention while watching the episodes, most of the time, a different problem is handled in each episode and finally comes to a solution. “Most TV shows are like that, right?” you might ask, but according to Hekster, Friends’ features set this show apart!

“Seeing the same result over and over gives people comfort and confidence. It is at the center of human development. When adults experience anxiety, they start to worry and fear just like a child, and these anxieties can be calmed by repetition. So feel free to watch Friends from start to finish for the 10th time!” Hekster, however, warned those who experience severe anxiety. “On the negative side, none of this is real, and can life be this close to perfect? I can’t be. While watching Friends is a quick and relaxing solution for those with mild to moderate anxiety, those with severe anxiety may feel uncomfortable with such programs,” he said.

By listening to Hekster’s warnings, you can start Friends for the 198273th time!

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