Ways to be happier in the new year

The new year brings with it new beginnings, new resolutions, new hopes. Would you like to create a list for yourself to spend a happier and more peaceful year? As your best friend “High Heels”, we offer you ways to be happier in the new year .

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With the new year, start taking positive steps in your life. Do not forget that you have many happy, peaceful and healthy years ahead of you, and list the things you will do to spend these years better than the previous one:

Do not let the negativities of the past affect your future days and learn from them.

Set yourself big goals and write them down on a sheet of paper. Hang the paper with your goals where you can see it every day. The more you see them approaching, the more your motivation will increase.

Don’t be afraid to seize the great opportunities that come your way. It’s better to fail than not to try at all.

Stop making excuses. Take charge of your responsibilities and try to be happy with them. Remember, no one can do them better than you.

Try to keep your anger under control. When you hear something that makes you angry, first take a deep breath and then start expressing yourself.

Be open to innovations. The discoveries you will make may reveal talents that you did not realize before.

It will be good for you to get away from the phone and the television a little bit. Enjoy your environment and chat with your friends.

Stay away from people who make you unhappy. Laugh out loud with your witty and funny friends.

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Don’t tire yourself out to be perfect. While you are trying to be perfect in everything, some opportunities may slip out of your hands.

You have always said yes to avoid offending the person in front of you and in the end you were the one who was unhappy. But saying no is not as hard as you think, know that sometimes you have to say no.

Do not strain yourself to adapt to the environment you enter. Act as you are, and you’ll look much better that way.

Accept the people around you as they are. Everyone has flaws and mistakes. Noone is perfect.

Reading should not be an activity to fill your spare time. Make a special time for yourself to read a book.

Find activities that make you laugh. Watch comedy movies, read humor magazines.

Do not hesitate to share your happiness and troubles. Happiness increases when shared, troubles decrease when shared.

Share your relatives’ troubles. Listen to them well and express your opinions honestly.

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Take a day completely to yourself. Shop, go for a massage, skin care.

Try to forgive people you’re offended by. There is no repetition of life or even the moment. Repair your relationships instead of holding grudges.

Get more hobbies. Find social activities to join with your friends.

Add color to your life with spontaneous plans. Packing a small bag is a great step for you to discover new places…

Don’t get in the car, just walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Explore the unfamiliar streets of the city you live in.

Organize your wardrobe. Take a break from blacks and grays. Notice the beauty of colors.

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Need money for what you want to achieve? Then avoid unnecessary spending and get yourself a piggy bank as many times as you want. Write your wishes on each one and start saving money for them.

Quality sleep Try to sleep. Sleeping at least 7 hours a day will make you feel more vigorous. Set your alarm 10 minutes before you wake up. 10 minutes will be enough for bed pleasure.

Eat regularly. Prefer to sit at tables with good and healthy food.

Detox once in a while. Get rid of the excess in your body.

Drink plenty of water, feel the benefits of water for your body.

Get rid of smoking addiction. Discover the beauties of a smoke-free life.

Be careful that alcohol does not become addictive. A glass of wine or a colorful cocktail with your friends on weekends can add to your pleasure.

Most importantly, love yourself and look for ways to be happy. How hard can all this be…

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