As the Corona Virus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the world and in our country, we are pulling ourselves into isolation. No matter how much we are socially isolated, it is very important to be united and support each other in the period we are in!

According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, 9.1% of the people living in Turkey are over the age of 65. According to the latest data published, our population over the age of 65 is over 7.5 million. In some cases, our elderly population, who live alone, is the biggest risk group in the Corona Virus epidemic that has taken over the world these days.

Last night, on March 17, the Minister of Health stated that the number of cases increased to 98 in Turkey, while it was announced that Turkey’s first Corona Virus loss of life took place. With our first loss of Corona Virus, which is said to be 89 years old, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca emphasized that young people and children can spread quickly even if they are not affected by the virus. The importance of staying at home in the Corona Virus epidemic, which is known to affect the elderly more, was once again emphasized!

It is natural to panic with developments. However, we repeat that the Corona Virus is not stronger than the measures you will take! You may be running to the markets as many entertainment centers and cafes are closed for a while. Think twice before adding 50 packs of pasta and 20 packs of toilet paper to your basket… We do not forget the needs of our elderly population, who cannot act as quickly as you or cannot go out because of their health. We’ve put together suggestions for help we can do from our home while we pull ourselves into isolation. Social isolation does not mean the end of helping and supporting! Below you can find ideas on how you can help your neighbors in need or elderly. Of course, protect yourself first, do not contact them while helping, avoid contacts that will endanger your own health while shopping.


We suggest avoiding this selfishness as people throw themselves into the markets and try to stockpile more than necessary. It is getting harder and harder to find hours and days, especially in internet supermarket applications. When you find a time and a day in applications such as ‘Let It Come,’ ‘Migros Virtual Market,’ ‘Carrefour Market,’ or ‘Getir’, you can use it for someone in need or an old person you know. You can make the life of those around you easier with door release systems.

In addition, Yemeksepeti has started to deliver your food by hanging it to your door, not by hand, with the ‘Contactless Delivery’ system. Although catering is not one of the most basic needs, it doesn’t hurt to send a hot meal to your acquaintances who can’t cook their own meals and in need!


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Some charities in the UK have launched a #viralkindness campaign on social media. Becky Wass, who started this on Facebook, shouted “Hello! If you’re doing social distancing, I can help you,” she sends the cards. Volunteers can print these cards at home. Neighbors on each card; There are places where they can write their names, addresses, phone numbers, how they want help. Inspired by this card, we created the Turkish version. While in self-isolation, it is possible for you to help people who are more at risk.


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If you are not in the risk group, it is okay to go to the market for a short time. You can shop for basic necessities for a loved one in need by wearing your mask and taking precautions. If you can find a place, we recommend you to shop in the virtual market, but if the order does not reach the area where your loved ones are, or if there is no time to wait for urgent needs, you can go to the markets. Do grocery shopping for your acquaintances who cannot leave the house because they are in the risk group or for other reasons. Experts recommend staying 1.5-2 meters away from people with symptoms. But that doesn’t prevent some basic needs! After shopping for medicines and groceries for your friends, family and neighbors, you can help them by avoiding close contact. If you cannot or do not want to leave the house yourself, you can help those in need by placing an order over the phone from the markets in your neighborhood. In addition, Red Crescent Volunteers do the shopping for the elderly and patients who cannot leave their homes.


Blood donation is more important than ever! There is a possibility that blood donation stocks will decrease at this time when people are in isolation. We do not forget the patients who need blood donation or marrow. In the last statement of the Turkish Red Crescent, it was said, “In these days when our social solidarity is more important than ever, we invite our donors to the nearest Blood Donation Point to prevent the decrease in the blood stocks required for the needy.” If you have not been in Corona Virus areas or have not been in contact with someone with a virus threat, if you are healthy and have taken your precautions, you can go to the nearest blood donation point. In Corona Virus cases, no virus has been found to be transmitted from human blood, organs, glands or stem cells. You can contact the Red Crescent in order to donate blood in a healthy and safe way.


You can fill your groceries closet. It’s a matter of preference… Nobody can limit what you get. But in our current situation, it is very important to think of others. To be empathetic and thoughtful. Corona Virus is such an interesting epidemic that when you act recklessly, you can risk the health of many people around you, even if nothing happens to you. Therefore, our greatest weapon against COVID-19 is our precautions and thoughtfulness! You can volunteer or provide financial assistance by contacting local foundation institutions. Contacting orphanages or nursing homes to help with supplies can be one of the greatest favors you can do during the epidemic when everyone is in isolation! As we mentioned before, you don’t have to go out to help, you can support nursing homes or orphanages with markets or virtual applications.

In addition, UNICEF is collecting aid for children affected by the Corona Virus in areas in need of help around the world. Working with the World Health Organization, UNICEF is helping to distribute essential supplies for children as well as paramedics. Donations you will make; It meets the basic needs of healthcare professionals such as masks, gloves, surgical gowns and glasses. Apart from UNICEF, your donations to the World Health Organization are used for COVID-19 research. While helping paramedics with basic needs, donations are collected for drug, vaccine and diagnostic development for the fight against Corona Virus.


Do you know an elderly person who lives alone at home and whose social communication is cut off during the Corona Virus epidemic? Call him! People over the age of 65, who are the most at risk age group of the COVID-19 virus, will perhaps not be able to leave their homes for weeks. While social isolation protects our physical health, it can negatively affect our mental health. If you know someone who will be alone at home during this process, you can have video conversations with them using applications such as FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp. Discussions about the weather, news or TV series… One minute or ten minutes… Any call will make your loved ones happy!


Many older people will not leave their homes. If you know someone who takes prescription or regular medication, you can get the right medication for them. You can contact the pharmacies where they live by taking note of the medicines used by your relatives or neighbors. If he can’t find his doctor’s prescription, your help would be greatly appreciated. Likewise, you can help someone close to you who cannot receive their pension or reach the banks. Social isolation is very important to all of us. By staying at home as much as possible, we can prevent the spread of the virus! However, in this process, people who live alone and cannot meet their basic needs should not be forgotten. You can help your relatives or relatives in need by keeping your distance, wearing your mask, washing your hands, in short, by taking your precautions! But then straight home…

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