We asked men: What are they thinking while making love?

One of the things women are most curious about during sex is what their partners think. Many women even openly ask this to their lover. That’s why when men are having sex, they always say “What are you thinking” or “Are you dreaming of something else?” He is quite uncomfortable with being asked questions. However, despite their discomfort, they insist on not answering this question. Because men don’t think of things as innocent as they can share with their partners while making love. As Pudra.com editors, we asked the men around us what they were thinking while making love, and we tried to get the most honest answers possible. Here is the answer to the question of what men think while making love…

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“Did you have an orgasm?”

Just as we women worry about whether men are satisfied, men wonder if we can reach orgasm. In fact, they think about it much more than we do. Most men who say they see ending sex without a female orgasm as a failure also complain that women don’t give any indication about it. “Do I have to continue?” or “Are we getting to the boring parts for him?” Thinking about it can be quite tiring for them. Why do men want women to orgasm? If so, the answer is, of course, that they see sex as a victory.

“I wish I had a shower!”

It is said that women are always obsessed with their appearance, excess weight, hair, or whether they are clean during sex. Actually, this is not wrong, women seks cinsellik cift sevisme orgazm

“Where did he learn that?”

We all know how judgmental men can be when it comes to women’s sex life. In fact, even a move you do to make him happy in bed can make them nervous. Because the first question that comes to their mind is “Where did he learn that?” is happening. “From her ex? Or someone new? Watching porn? Does she masturbate as well? Is she not satisfied with me enough but needs it?” questions immediately follow. If there is a man who has no hesitation in voicing these thoughts, it may be helpful to inform him about female sexuality . However, if the reason for this situation is jealousy, our article titled Ways to deal with a jealous man can help you.

“Is it too early?”

Premature ejaculation is many men’s worst nightmares. They say that the feeling of failure and the unhappy expression they see on the woman’s face are much more distressing for them than they had imagined. Perhaps the thing they think about most during sex is whether it’s too soon. Men say that women can be extremely cruel about this and they get very nervous. In fact, the number of those who say “I wish the women would give a sign that we can finish” is not small.

“Do I need to say something?”

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“I’m pretty good at this!”

We mentioned that many men see sex as a victory, right? In fact, it’s one of the ways to tell when a man is in trouble. However, we have to say that their numbers are not few at all. “What do you think when you’re making love?” Most of the men we asked admitted that they thought how good they were in bed the moment their partner had an orgasm. Even the slightest compliment of women, they thought they were doing something very good. The good thing for women is that the man who satisfies his ego in this way starts to try harder to make the woman in front of him happy. Maybe instead of stating our wishes, it would be more useful to tell our satisfaction. So instead of asking your partner to give you oral sex, you can say you had a huge orgasm last time.

“Focus on X, think on X, think, think…”

The sad but true, men can dream of others when making love just like us women. The good thing is that they say that this situation usually happens in one-night stands (980709) or in situations where there is no emotional connection between them . Especially erection problem can be very saving for men to think of another woman when they are experiencing. When it comes to the women they dream about, they have a wide spectrum, from celebrities to their exes, from porn stars to a beautiful woman they saw on the street that day. Of course, it is useful not to worry about this situation and not to think about who the man in front of you is constantly dreaming of during sex.

“Cars, football, games, work…”

Everything they face for the day, their hobbies or problems

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